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This is my personal site... not just about me, but a celebration of all that I like, love, hate, and revile. This isn't a place where I talk about me the whole time (because I know you don't care). This is basically a recreation of the inside of my head, one of the more scarier places you could possibly find yourself. If you know me from being on-line, you've probably heard me say something that seemed to make absolutely no sense at all... you might find it here in a .WAV file, picture or mini-shrine. You might wonder why "Zenseer" would point to a site called "Prime Op." I explain that too. One day, it'll all make sense:)

Until the dust settles in here, I'm just laying stuff around and we all have to sit on milk crates with pillows on them. Such is life. So I'm cramming a lot of what would be in different sections on this page for now.

Just click on the lil' Optimus Prime heads to go somewhere
my favorite sounds includes various sound effects and quotes that I like.
the name game Why I have so many names & what they mean.
absolutely nothing yet If you try to click the head in this row, nothing will happen. You will probably try anyway. You'll never admit it, though:)


For the people: this is where I'll be storing things that I've made for those who would be interested:


Marvel Universe character packs: click the button to download
Marvel universe (Avengers/Fantasic Four characters) Thor, Dr. Doom, Beta Ray Bill, Hawkeye, Galactus, more... 1.74KB
X-Men characters: Wolverine (two versions) Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Rogue, Phoenix, Deadpool, Maverick, Callisto, Archangel, White Queen (Hellfire Club version), Lilandra, more... 312KB
Spider Man characters (no Spidey, though): Spider Woman, Green Goblin, Carnage, Tarantula, Shocker, more... 896KB