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Hawk (G.I.Joe)

Head: JvC Blowtorch(J and R's recast) (modified)

Torso: JvC Wild Bill (heavily modified)

Arms: JvC Wild Bill

Waist: JvC Duke (o-ring v.1)

Legs: JvC Roadblock

Weapons: ???? (temporary)

Helmet: not done yet

Info: The original G.I.Joe leader in the new JvC sculpting style. For those that don't know, Hawk was made BEFORE Duke and had blond hair first. Since I'm trying to eventually make all of the original Joe team, I gave him the blond hair. Although I finished this in late September, I was trying to wait until I got a JvC Grunt so I could take a photo with as many of the original team as I could. Still haven't gotten one, so I'm just going with what I've got here.

Every formula that I tried for making a Hawk figure got used right before I began work on it, so I ultimately sanded the front off the Wild Bill chest with a Dremel. Originally, I was just going to put a gun in there then sculpt a holster around it, then wondered if I could make a chest holster with removable pistol. Oddly enough, it works, but only with one of the smallest Joe pistols I ever saw. I made his hair a lil' bit too high, because it doesn't fit quite right in the helmet that I planned to give him. Drat. I'll fix that after the move, because all of my customizing stuff is packed up for now.

Hawk, Duke, Wild Bill, Roadblock, Blowtorch & all other G.I.Joe characters © 2003 Hasbro. Used without permission, but much respect.