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Low-Light (G.I.Joe)

Head: JvC Torpedo

Chest: Sgt. Hacker

Arms: Barrel Roll

Waist: Sgt. Hacker

Legs: Sgt. Hacker

Backpack: ?????

Sniper Rifle: Low Light v.1

Uzi: Iron Grenadier v.1

Goggles: Mirage v.2

Info: This figure recreates one of my favorite G.I. Joe characters. He's a soldier of the night with excellent sniper skills. In the cartoon, he had a pretty screwed-up childhood. He was afraid of the dark and his father REALLY didn't like this. So, at the dead of night, he sent his little boy into the woods and told him not to come back until he had killed 20 rats. He achieved this, but he's been a little bit spooky ever since. This is his original outfit and it seems as if every other version of this figure that came after the repaint of the original (in "Sgt. Slaughter's Marauders" colors) looked nothing like him (some even sporting the wrong hair color). So I took the law into my own hands and made my own rendition. The best part is that the arms have rotating hands so he can hold his sniper's rifle correctly. I didn't finish touching up the paint on the removable goggles because I thought that they looked too big, but others have told me that they look fine. I might finish them up and put them back on.

Low-Light & all other G.I.Joe characters © 2003 Hasbro. Used without permission, but much respect.