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the Baroness

The Baroness was a character in the comic looooooong before she became a G.I. Joe figure. She's easily one of the sexiest characters to come from an action figure. She's got this "naughty librarian" vibe going on with the leather outfit and the glasses. Can't forget about that long, black hair either. She's also one of the few high-level members of Cobra that doesn't have some sort of extreme psychological flaw... Cobra Commander is nuts, Tomax & Xamot have that "pain share" thing going on and Serpentor's an a-hole. To top it all off, she was a female character in an action cartoon who didn't need to be rescued all the time... you've got to respect that.

When I draw villainesses, I try to make them look sexy yet sinister, rather than drawing the same female face for each character. She doesn't have that vacant model smile that a lot of male artists seem to draw women with. She's not a supermodel, she's the Baroness, foo'! You'll probably see much more Baroness stuff here in the future, since that's one of the main requests that I get.

Shout out to Christina Herman and Viva Nova, fellow Baroness fans!

Here's the 1st Baroness pic I did in years. It's one of my basic "cutout on airbrush background" picture. The slightly asian look she had on her package artwork kinda shows up here...
I did this pencil sketch motivated by the fact that I wanted to make her look sinister instead of just drawing her with some generic "babe" face.
Here's the uncolored version of the villains picture. I'll have to color this once I can get my airbrush equipment fixed and my marker supply replentished.
Test version of a colored pencil pic. Done for the Baroness Mugen project, here's the full color version. Pencils didn't scan well, so I'll have to ink it and do it again...
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Baroness, Destro, Serpentor, Cobra Commander and all G.I.JOE characters copyright Hasbro. All other characters copyrighted by their respective creators. Used without permission, but with much respect.