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The best way to get in contact with me is by my e-mail address:

While I'm not doing requests until I can get my drawing speed back up again. But I am willing to do some comission work. Please don't e-mail about it unless your serious.

If your e-mail says, "No subject" then it will be deleted. Give it a unique title that lets me know that you're not spam, a virus or a worm.

If you have a fan site, feel free to post my art on your site, but only if you put up a link to my site too. Help a brotha out, man. E-mail me if you want to exchange links. When I start making character-specific pages, I'll also add your relevant links to that too :) Also, on Yahoo Instant Messenger, I'm 'prime0p'. Just put a zero where the letter 'o' should be. Just don't come at me with anything freaky-deaky.

Also, if you're on EZBoard, you can also get in touch through my EZ Board: ScrollBoss message board Yes, that's actually my video game message board, but we almost constantly talk about comic books there too. Until I put together a message board for this main site (which won't happen until after the name change), consider the "Art" section there almost like the message board for this place as well.