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Rather than force other G.I.JOE fans to wade through a bunch of stuff that they may not like, I've made a convenient G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero page. Found here are all the Joe-related items on the site as well as some items that don't appear anywhere else on this site. I hope you all enjoy it!

7/4/03: Page created. Preview given in Sgt. Savage chat

8/2/03: Publically revealed. Added new artwork (Gen. Hawk, Quick Kick) and screenshot section

Stuff that I've done: (names revealed by mouse-over)
Artwork (markers and airbrush) backgrounds are separate and may be recycled for my laziness.
Snake-Eyes v.2 Stalker v.1 Destro v.2 Baroness v.1
Artwork (computer colored)
Roadblock JvC v.1 General Hawk Baroness v.1 (hastily colored sketch) Quick Kick

Artwork (black and white/sketches)
Snake-Eyes and Jo 'Shinobi' Musashi Once again, V.1 Baroness Quick Kick Baroness v.1... again... Clutch v.1 reference sketches Clutch v.1 reference sketches Cobra CLAWS trooper Snake-Eyes and Jo 'Shinobi' Musashi the 'reissue' Viper

Custom figures:



Cobra Commander

Cobra Moray Submarine Commander

By character:
Coming soon
Coming soon

Other fun stuff
Message Board Avatars
Screenshots of the Marvel/Sunbow cartoon
Video Game 'Sprites (temporarily closed
Links to other G.I.JOE sites

all G.I.JOE and Cobra characters © 2003 Hasbro.