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Sprite Edits: Except for Cobra Commander, the Vipers and the B.A.T. that I did for Rogue BAT, these sprites were edited from pre-existing Capcom game sprites such as the Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel fighting games. You might've seen these G.I.JOE sprites at a few message boards here and there and wondered where they came from. Some those on the boards are from me and others are from great sprite editers like Mike Bock, Warmachine X and Feline ExNine. But all praise due to the originators of the sprite bases: Capcom.

Cover-Girl figure version Cover-Girl - 1st cartoon version Duke - first version Flash Footloose v.1 Grunt - first figure Grunt - glider pilot
Hawk v.2 Quick Kick Snake-Eyes: figure 2 Snake-Eyes: figure 2-cartoon and comic coloring Wild Bill: figure 1 Wild Bill: '80s cartoon

the Baroness Big Boa Cobra Commander - helmet Destro - figure 1 Storm Shadow - figure 1 Zandar - comic/cartoon variant Zandar - figure version
Vipers (all sculpt 1 Viper repaints, including the TRU-exclusive figures)

Hawk, Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Quarrel, Glenda, Flash, Salvo, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Viper, B.A.T., Storm Shadow, Zandar, G.I.JOE, Cobra, and Transformers and all other related characters © Hasbro