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Happy Holidays!!!

I took all the Christmas stuff I've made, including the piece of art I did and some redone video game sprite edits (along with a Christmas classic song) and made a page for you to view when your are bored with everything else or desperate for Christmas cheer.

I don't have enough money to get anyone much of anything for a gift this year. Right now, all I can do is make CDs for my family, which they're actually happy about due to my musical gathering abilities:D. Still, I wanted to get my online friends gifts too, but my pockets got empty really quickly. Sigh... so what I'll do is maybe try to send people things throughout the coming year instead of giving gifts at a time when we're all pressured into doing so. Many of the Über-Cuties I know in Yahoo have wish lists at clothing sites... maybe I can get a you a belt or something :D Anyway, hopefully you enjoy this goofy page for now!


"You worthless pile of ocelot excrement!!! I bring you tidings bloodcurdling fear, heart wrenching terror and bone-crushing pain!!!!"

"And some socks."

- - Santa Bison

Happy Holidays, everyone!