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Happy Holidays!!!

Santessa, my Christmas mascot

I took all the Christmas stuff I've made, including the piece of art I did and some redone video game sprite edits (along with a classic Christmas song) and made a page for you to view when your are bored with everything else or desperate for Christmas cheer.

Much like every other year around Christmas time, I'm pretty much dead broke. So, since I can't send any of my internet friends presents, I give to thee this rather bizarre Christmas page with funky music (if you chose the funky music version). The picture's new, but most of the edited game sprites aren't. Still, I hope that you like it. For those who don't, so what... you've probably never done nuthin' for me no how anyway!


"You worthless pile of ocelot excrement!!! I bring you tidings blood-curdling fear, heart-wrenching terror and bone-crushing pain!!!!"

"And some socks."

- - Santa Bison

Kristmas Kirby: Just so cute that I had to show him again. Awwww...

Click here to see Santessa's 2003 picture

Happy Holidays, everyone!


The musical selection: Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC. Click here to purchase find Run DMC's greatest hits!

Santessa © 2003 James Beaver. Used with permission because she's mine. Kirby and Link © 2003 Nintendo. M. Bison © 2003 Capcom.