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Recent stuff:
7/10/04:Sorry for the wait, but I've been really busy. The artwork section has been slightly revamped. The art pages are now broken up into Pin-up/splash page art, Sequential artwork, Cutouts and Doodles/sketches. The new pin-up page has quite a few pictures that you've never seen before, including some older Transformer and G.I.JOE pics (and you'll see more TFs on the cutouts page). I planned on having more ready, but I think my spine is about to snap in half, so that's all for now. The next update won't be a month from now, but possibly next weekend. Oh, and I finally got a guest book for this site! It's at the bottom of this very page (for now). 6/12/04:It's my birthday, so I have to do a big update. And I can't think of anything bigger than adding a NEW SECTION with MY characters. It's nowhere near complete (thanks to some system hangups and slowdowns), but the new Twofold area is up with only artwork for now. The character profiles have been started, but, well, they kinda suck right now. Expect a bunch of regular mini-updates that will fill out this section. Also, expect to see a new hub area that talks about my comic universe as a whole. This area is already started, but needs work too. Visitors to the older (crappier) version of this site may remember that a Twofold area was here a few years ago, then disappeared. Well, it's back with more stuff. **claps hands together and points like Chuck Barris** Check back this upcoming Wednesday for more material in the Twofold AND Nutroll areas!
4/16/04: There's a new black and white pic of the Baroness (I think I almost got it right this time) as well as a new doodle pic featuring the Mad Gear gang from Final Fight. If you're a Rolento fan, you might like it a bit more. There's a few new items in the G.I.JOE section including an old picture of a Cobra Viper (based on the rereleased one with the B.A.T. legs) and I put up a section featuring the G.I.JOE sprite edits from my MugenBoss site.
I'm in the process of making pages for each picture instead of the having the art pop up separately when you click a thumbnail or link. Some of them even have extra versions of the picture. In the case of the Ms. Marvel pic, you even get to see some of the reference that I used for it.
4/1/04: Happy April Fool's Day! The new section for my character, Nutroll, has now been uploaded. You may remember seeing him on this page a few months back, but he now has his own area! Not much content yet, but that will change over the next few weeks. I'd say that he's an appropriate character to for April Fools's Day. Just click the little crazy-looking head on the side of this entry to get an early look at this character of mine.
3/10/04: So here's the new version of the main page. Whoopidy-doo!. There's a ton of catch-up work to do, but it'll have to take a bit of a backseat to artwork and real-life work. I'm going to slowly make this place look better and be a much more fun place to visit.

New Stuff: I added a few sketches to the doodle page, including one that I did last night featuring Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

My other crappy sites! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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