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Old News 12/27/03:Over the next few updates, this site will be slowly restructured to work a bit better and be more flexible. The first place that you'll notice this is the sprites sections. Now, the comic section has been split into DC, Marvel, and G.I.JOE pages. Also, I made some graphic buttons that lead to and identify the pages. These will also be used in the revamp of the new version of the 'Game Series' section. The DC and Marvel pages only have 1 or 2 new edits each while the G.I.JOE section has A LOT of new edits, including almost every color variation of the classic Cobra Viper. Enjoy this small update and have a Happy New Year!

12/21/03:Now that things have calmed down A LOT in the real life sector, it's time to update this site. While this isn't an update, this is to say that an update is coming. While I planned on updating tonight, I realized that I was also slightly redesigning the site. Besides the fact that there'll be new and updated sprite edits, there'll also be a few new graphics and different page layouts. The Marvel, DC and G.I.JOE edits will have separate pages, too. Yes, there'll definitely be enough G.I.JOE and Cobra related sprites to warrant it's own page now. If you want to see some of the new stuff, check out the ScrollBoss Message Boards.

I'll say this in advance: one thing that you won't see here anymore are any preview sprites that I plan on adding to any future stage or character projects. Seeing as how stealing is popular and I'm slow, chances are that people will steal them and use them in a project before whatever I'm doing is done, making me look like the copycat. That also means that there'll be no more new preview sprites of the Baroness.
Speaking of the Baroness, she's still going slowly because I keep fixing up sprites that I don't like. Her fighting pose has tweaked a bit more, her crouching sprites were totally redone and she was given a new taunt. Currently, I'm fixing her walk with a totally new upperbody and revamped legs. Then again, if you ever saw the old walk, you can tell that it was a beta anyway. She'll have a new WIP page a few updates from now with (hopefully) new and updated snapshots. Sorry for being slow about this project. I'm sure she'll be out sometime before 2008.
Okay, see you next week!

7/20/03: I've been really busy lately, so there's not much as far as new stuff. Only one new sprite edit can be found in the Comic book sprite section and the Sprites of Insanity, but I've added quite a few links to the tutorial section. I'm going to warn you in advance: I'm going to be insanely busy soon working on a lot of drawn art. I can't go into the details right now, but you'll eventually get word on it sooner or later. Due to this, there may be a while before there is another update to this site as well as my game site, ScrollBoss. PLEASE don't ask me when I'm going to update the site, because even I don't know. If you want to see new stuff, you'd be better off if you went to the Forum , because I post new sprites there way before I post them on the site. Not trying to be rude, but it really is the place to see more up-to-date stuff. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

7/12/03: Well, that was short. I put the Marvel edits back up.

7/7/03: I've heard a lot about Marvel hunting people down with Sentinel robots and forcing them to take down stuff with their characters. I've saved them the trouble by removing the Mavel Comics sprite edits from my site as well as the Zip Files where you could get superhero sprites. I still have them in my sprite tutorial section though, because I'm too busy to rewrite it using non-Marvel characters. I apologize to all those who came here looking for them.If you want to rip sprites from those games, just download Kawaks or SFMame and use their Shots Factory. If you don't know where to look, use Google. You'll find it ^_^

6/21/03: The only new thing here is the new guest sprite area, so go check out Sykoclown13's animation featuring his character, Tina! Another development here will be that I will no longer post any sprites or stage parts of any Works-In-Progress. As much as I asked for people not to take them, well, that was pretty stupid on my part, because the internet is mostly about theft anyway ^_^ Oh well, chalk it up to me putting you in suspense. Yeah, I'll still post regular sprites and animations, but no more Baroness moves... which kinda sucks, because I'll probably be finished with her around the year 2006 or something... (j/k... maybe)

5/31/03: First of all, let me say this: Sprite Thieves are PUNKS. A group called Evil Mugen decided to run around MUGEN and steal other people's sprite edits and use them in characters that will appear in their "Spider-Man v.s. the X-Men The ringleader of this group is CrazedGoat69. He's already attempted to pass of MicroMor's Captain Marvel sprites as his own and is still out there trying to ask people for their beta test characters so he can steal their sprites. Creators, do yourselves a favor and only give your betas to people that you know very well.Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, there have been a few new sprite edits added to the sprite edits section and I'm still working on the Baroness' sprite set. I'm also slowly working on some new stages in-between my drawn art. The Bionic Commando Boss stage remake has been cancelled because someone used the power core sprite that I displayed in the WIP section. Blargh. Oh well, one less stage for me to worry about. Le sigh.

4/6/03: I updated the links a lil' bit. I'd like to thank everyone who links to me as well (despite the fact that hardy work on any MUGEN stuff anymore). Secondly, I've added a new sprite, which was hand-drawn: Cobra Commander. Also, I'd like to thank Alexei/Maximus (ripper of many sprites) and Juan Carlos (the programmer) for the work that they put into the new Doctor Doom for Mugen. All I did was add a couple of sprite edits. "The doctor said that I was lay-shee!" Anyway, it's nice to see that there's some progress still happening in the superhero front of Mugen. Go to to get the new Doctor Doom!

2/23/03: There's nothing really new here except for one thing: the Characters area! No, don't celebrate, because there aren't any characters in it. See, no matter how many times I leave the message that there aren't any characters on this site, people still ask me how to download these characters (who aren't there). Please don't e-mail me anymore asking for characters, because I have none. Even the Baroness beta is only my sprite edits pasted into a Kung Fu Man character file, so don't ask for her either.

11/24/02:How to get through tragedy: Due to the tragic death of my grandmother, I've had to put off some releases I had intended to have ready by now. Hopefully you'll understand. Still, the only way I know of to get through hard times is to keep creating. I've finished the Kirby stage and added a sprite pack featuring female comic book sprites. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them.NEW STAGE: Kirby Super Star stage: The crowd is animated and Waddle Dee is VERY scared of what's going on. Also, quite a few people have been e-mailing, but my replies don't get through. OO7, you're one of them. If you have a full mailbox, please clear some stuff out before thinking that people aren't responding^_^.

8/28/02: PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: I should've said something about this a while ago, but I'm taking a momentary break from Mugen (as if I was really producing stuff...) to focus on artwork, merging my artsite and hubsite into one singular (crappy) sensation, and personal matters. I will continue to work on the Baroness' sprites as well as sprite for other people's projects. Another thing I want to continue is the "Series" area. I'll begin work on the Streets of Rage area next, blatantly begging for characters and stages to link to. The light-source tutorial will appear shortly after my return. I'll still float around the boards a bit, but you'll see no new sprite edits for contests and stuff. But, for now, MugenBoss is on, hmmm... semi-pause. Later.

8/7/02:NEW SECTION: GAME SERIES: I've started pages that focus on certain side-scrolling/action game genres. You can find links and downloads there. Of course, I'll start off with Final Fight, since it probably has the most related items Mugenized. Thanks a lot to Tenshin, 'Splode, and Gou-San, who have allowed me to link to their sites. The Streets of Rage and Double Dragon areas aren't very developed yet, so I wouldn't bother going there yet. I'll probably have a new SoR item ready by next week as well as getting in touch with some people who have made characters and stages. If you have any related items that you'd like to see here, please send me an e-mail or post it in my forum.

7/25/02: Well, I almost got the Ibaraki Province, Japan stage (Revenge of Shinobi) update finished. Ah well, at least the sky changes and moon rises now. If you DLed it before this latest update, get it now, because it works a little better now. Pick it up in the Background area. If you don't have my remix MP3 already, get that too, because one addition has been synched with the music. There's a slight coolness to it. Nice new hand-drawn sprite in the comics section. Probably one of the best sprites I've ever done (but that's not saying a whole lot).

7/21/02: Although there's been a slight preview of it since Wednesday, this update includes the premiere of the Sprite Tutorial section. You may notice that the navigation area is slightly different now. Well, it is. In the next few weeks, you'll see updated versions of a few of my stages. Maybe even a new stage. Maybe...

7/15/02: A whole page all about the Baroness WIP is now in the WIP area. A new page for my more "strange" sprite edits has been created. Inside that are my edits for Inner Circle's MegaMan MvsC contest and I also have my crazy Cyclops edits there as well. Expect this page to fill up quite fast, because there are others that I haven't posted yet...

3/02/02: Some new sprites here and there, including a sprite edit of ME. Yes, me. Who cares? Also, I fixed up my sprite section a bit with some new banners for my peeps. BIG apology to the Project X team... I could've sworn that I had a link to them, but I didn't. Anyway, if you haven't checked them out yet, you need to if you're an X-Men fan...

2/28/02: the whole sprite controversy has been taken care of... the sprites are now credited and everything now smells a lot like flowers. Really! More projects are slowly being produced and something new will probably emerge in a few weeks.

1/28/02: I finally have a release version of MetroMart done! It's full of sprite edits and edited parts of stages. It's SuperJump enabled and has some animated characters in the back, so you have NO EXCUSE not to get it.

1/9/02: Man, two great Capcom characters have been released for Mugen!!! MugenMage (maker of Max from Streets of Rage) has made a SlamMasters version of Haggar!!! It's great and gravy! Plus, Tenshin has updated his Rolento... it's even better now! Um, plus I added some sprites (actually, I've been adding stuff, but not really announcing it). Final Fight stage is almost done (a few people have seen it... hehehehe).

12/24/01: My christmas present to the Mugen world (right) is: The alley from Streets of Rage 2! Okay, it's not a big deal, but I love playing on it...

12/20/01: Not much, but I made MP3s for the Golden Axe and the Altered Beast stages. I've got some more stages on the way to ya. Tell you about 'em another time... I was gonna add another feature, but I don't have much room left in my Tripod account. I'll have to fix some stuff up tonight.

12/15/01: Forgot to talk about the last update...anyway, this time, a new sprite section: real life people, features 2 Wu Tang clan sprite edits, in the comic book character section, the Ultron sprite that people seem to dig with other villains, too. In the video game section, lots of new Final Fight characters and a new sprite background... a preview of an upcoming stage! There are some new links too, so check them folks out.

I'm still working on quite a few things... please remember that these things are going to be slow to be finished because of my art project duties. If it's in the W.I.P section, that means that it WILL come out. In fact, one stage already works, but it needs lil' stuff here and there before I release it. The other has barely been started, but it'll be easy. A 3rd background was only mentioned in Mugen Dev, but will also appear soon as well.

Another question I get is "Am I working on a character?" because of my sprite edits. If I had more time to be at home not working on my art, I'd have a sprite sheet ready for a programmer to go to town with. But I've gotta work!!! Sometimes I make a few extra sprites on the sly, like moves or jumping animations. I've been ripping walking, jump, and hit animations for the possibility for making a whole character. So if there's a character here that you wish I'd make into a character, you might get lucky:)

11/24/01: Just added 2 new stages: Golden Axe Arena (redone graphics!) and the Versus Mode stage from Brawl Brothers! One stage for regular sized characters and another for the little characters... you know... keepin' it diverse;) Shockingly, no new sprite edits this update, but hey, you can't have it all:P

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