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Pittsburgh Comicon 2003

One of the main highlights of this convention was getting to meet the lovely Erin Gray, an actress who appeared in many movies and TV shows, but I know her best as Col. Wilma Deering from "Buck Rogers" TV show. It took all of my psuedo-Shaolin skill to not smile like a complete goof while standing next to her for the picture. BTW: If you thought that her eyes were hypnotic on TV, try seeing them in real life;)
And here is the other person that I really, really wanted to meet: Ken Foree! You young'ins know him as the dad from the "Keenan and Kel" show, but I know him as Peter from the great horror flick, "Dawn of the Dead." Not only was he cool and bad like Samuel L. Jackson in it, but he was the first Black person that I ever saw survive a horror movie. All those things made him my hero when I was a kid. My mother has the autographed pic that I got from him... that made her day whenI brought it back!
This is Kirk Abrigo from Colburn Comics! This is my second time meeting him and I got to tell him how much I enjoyed the Samurai Guard. Not only is he the President of Colburn Comics, but he writes and drawns Samurai Guard. I suspect that he also staples the books as well... that's how dedicated he is! That is why independant comic creators kick butt. Plus, I'm down with anyone who models a character after Sonny Chiba :)
'Tis the maestro, Chris Yambar! A looooooooooooooooooong time ago, I did some art and coloring for a book that he and artist/friend Gary Smith did called Substance Comics. Nowadays, he writes comics for Bongo Comics (the comic home for the Simpsons, Radioactive Man, Futurama and Roswell) as well as his creations Mr. Beat and the Fire Breathing Pope. Yes, he's a talented madman. Wish he had a site so you could see his Mr. Beat stuff...
As a huge Ghostbusters fan, I had to snap a pic of these guys. There were three of them, but the other one disappeared (I suspect Sam Hain) before I took the picture. These cats had some seriously authentic looking gear. I should've taken pics of the realistic looking Proton Packs they made, though. Great job, group!
As I boogied down the aisle to meet Jay at the Devil's Due booth, I saw this woman in this amazing looking outfit. I didn't find out until later that she's a model named Athanacia Heonis who was actually modelling as a Jim Balent character named Licorice Dust (the character is based on her). Athanacia has been the muse for many other artists, including David Mack. She's also working on her own comic book as well!
Besides the well-done costumes, I just like the fact that there are characters from two seriously different universes. There's probably a very, very strange fanfic out there The girl that dressed as Sailor Mercury was really jumping all over the place, so just I had to make sure that she was in the pic. All four people were very nice to pose for the picture.
Here I am chillin' with Joanne Ellen Mutch, creator of the comic book, Rummblestrips. She's cool as the other side of the pillow and also happens to be another Transformers fan. You need to click that link and see some of her artwork. She's another person that I have to do some art for... I can't wait to draw Crash...
Here are two of my friends J-Dogg and Gary Smith (yes, the artist I mentioned up in the Chris Yambar photo). I had no idea that I was going to bump into them at the convention, so that made the moment even cooler. For those who don't know, Gary Smith is one of the best artists that I know and is putting together a book of his own characters..

There's more to be said about this convention, but I'm trying to update this and my ScrollBoss site at the same time... plus I'm lazy :)