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Put your hands on your hips!

Real Name: ?????

Place of Origin: ?????

Height: usually 6 ft.

Weight: variable

Occupation: roundabout roustabout

Team Affiliation: none

First Appearance: Nutroll Preview 1

Most of Nutroll's past is still shrouded in mystery. Many of the files on what is known of his earlier " stays" in the Inborn Correctional Institute are some of the highest classified documents in the institutes archives. At this point, it is believed that the only person who truly knows is Nutroll himself... and he's not a very reliable witness. Due to an excerpt in one of the earliest viewable documents, it is believed by many of those currently studying Nutroll that their subject's initial form looked vastly different than his current look. There are also rumors that the original team who tried to study Nutroll went insane and are now locked up on the bottom floor of the I.C.I.'s infamous "G-building" (where all subjects with psi-based powers are held, including Nutroll).

What is known about Nutroll is that he posesses ability to alter reality on certain fundamental levels and in an undetermined radius from his body. It's not yet known whether or not he's capable of doing these things or he simply wishes not to do them, for he seems to operate by a comical-yet-rigid set of rules. Although he never intentionally harms anyone, the resulting hysteria of people seeing him altering reality. He never attacks until provoked and, even then, he's merely toying with his attacker. He also seems to have no known physical weaknesses. While has has a physical form, he has nothing that can truly be studied. While X-rays and other tests visibly show that he has cartoonish versions of a skeleton, blood tests randomly conclude that his circulatory system is fueled by substances such as ketchup, red ink, applesauce, runny cake mix and a host of other liquids. It's safe to say that's one of Nutroll's gags too. Early I.C.I. reports seem to be so sure that he can't be destroyed that one can safely assume that they probably tried to do just that. The only person in the current I.C.I. Nutroll research team that seems to have connected with him is Dr. Tamara Sakimoto, who found most of the known info on him by applying a mix of her child therapy skills along with paranormal research. Out of every doctor put on the case, she has come the closest to getting inside Nutroll's mind. As you can imagine, that's a fact that both motivates and disturbs her. In fact, she is the creator of the 'Nutroll Protocols' which are the rules for dealing with Nutroll in various situations.

Nutroll is a kind soul. He helps old ladies cross the street, rescues kittens from trees and has been known to win a breakdancing contest or two to save an orphanage or recreational center. He's learned to disguise himself to the point where he can't be distinguised from regular humans. Of course, his bizarre behavior gives him away, but he's usually done something incredibly strange by then. In short, Nutroll is a hero in his own mind. Then again, who isn't?

Nutroll, Dr. Tamara Sakimoto, Mandy Kin, Inborn Correctional Institute & all other Nutroll related characters © 2004 James Beaver. Used with permission, duh.