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Passion Tanaka

Real Name: Passion Tanaka

Place of Origin: ?????

Occupation: CEO, Software designer, sociallite, troublemaker.

Team Affiliation: none

First Appearance: Twofold preview #1

When millionaire CEO Kekipi Tanaka's daughter was born, he also lost his wife in the process. Because of this, he named his daughter Passion for he decided that her well being would become his life's passion. Sending her to the best schools for learning and his bodyguard's teacher for martial arts training, Passion became both physically and mentally formidable. During that training, she found out that she also has an "inborn" power of an excellerated healing factor. She also formed a strong bond with the bodyguards daughter Eva, a bit of a wild child who sparked the wicked streak in Passion's personality. It's common knowledge that Kekepi was killed during a violent altercation in a night club, but the fact that that the bodyguard and the teenaged Passion and Eva took revenge on those involved isn't.

It took Passion a while to gain respect when she took over the various businesses that he ran, but she eventually proved herself to be just as savvy and rebellious as her late father. She also started a highly successful fashion line from the ground up that also has a division that produces superhero-style outfits using the highly damage resistant fabric from another company under her control. Although she's been able to put the tragedy of her teen years behind her, she's never felt as if such things couldn't happen again. She has no idea how right she is.

Special Abilities:
Passion is an "Inborn" with a few special abilities. Her main asset is her ability to heal her wounds faster than normal humans. It also makes her highly resistant to poisons and toxins even to the point that tattoo ink won't stay in her skin and piercings almost immediately heal over (which she found out the hard way).

Passion also has a second power that appears to be psychically based, but she never tells anyone exactly what it is. Still, most people figure it out... eventually...

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