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Real Name: Kenji Toshida

Place of Origin: ?????

Occupation: Martial Arts student

Team Affiliation: none

First Appearance: Twofold preview #1

At this point, Kenji Toshida doesn't talk about his life before he became the pupil of the Mysterious (and near-immortal) Master Hsu. although it is known that he was an only child and that his mother died before he began training. It's also known that he has always idolized heroic figures, especially the original Twofold, a superhero/ninja who ultimately sacrificed himself in a battle to save Japan. This is probably what fuels his intense drive to perfect his fighting skills. Master Hsu has taken Kenji to practice in the more secretive martial arts houses across the planet, some of which Hsu helped to start in his "youthful" days. Instead of just teaching Kenji the various powerful styles he knows, Hsu has allowed him to learn moves from the other styles so that Kenji will create his own style.

While he's usually a nice and likeable person, Kenji effortlessly makes the transition from a normal person to fighting machine in a split second. His voice seems to deepen, his eyes focus with a violent intent and the very air around him has the aura that something bad is about to happen... and that he's going to do it.

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