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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions (if people were to ask me questions)

Why does ScrollBoss only focus on adventure games? Most of my favorite games are side-scrollers, adventure games and platformers. Bionic Commando, Revenge of Shinobi, Kid Icarus, Goonies, Metroid, Golden Axe, Legend of Zelda, and other such goodies.

What's your favorite game? Impossible to pick. Could be Bionic Commando, River City Ransom, or Revenge of Shinobi. Probably one of those three. Oh wait, Streets of Rage 2. I really liked Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran. No, wait...

What do you have against 3-D action games? Because jumping in 3-D games usually sucks and companies love to force you to jump a lot. In 2-D games, you can easily figure out how far forward you have to leap to make it. In 3-D games, it can be really tricky (especially when a game has a crappy camera). On top of that, these games really seem to be VERY 'one-note' concepts.

Why isn't there much Mario, Zelda, Sonic or Mega Man stuff here? They don't even have sections in the Sprites area! All of those games have quite a few huge websites dedicated to them. If you use Google, you should be able to find at least 1 boozillion sites of each game. Meanwhile, games sagas like Rushing Beat don't even have an english-speaking site that I know of. With ScrollBoss, I try to give a lil' love for the games that don't get covered as much.

Why do you get so upset that people hotlink off your site?Because everytime someone looks at something from my site, it uses up bandwidth. The bigger the file, the more bandwidth that gets eaten up. Every person with a Tripod account has a limited amount of bandwidth even if they pay like I do. Once a person's bandwidth is used up, their site disappears until that bandwidth period is over with. While one person hotlinking to my site for their avatar doesn't eat up a lot of bandwidth, it becomes a problem when a lot of people start doing it on a lot of different message boards and LiveJournals. Luckily, Tripod gives a website report that shows what files of mine are being accessed and on what page they appear. I've let quite a few hotlinkers get away with it, but many others got their files altered into banners for my site or something that made them look stupid. If you need free hosting for a sig or a banner, get a Photobucket account. While my bandwidth hasn't been badly abused yet, some stuff that I plan to add to the site will put my bandwidth in jeopardy. If the hotlinking continues, the sprites are gone.

Is it just me or is there a second ScrollBoss? Back when I first tried to make ScrollBoss on Tripod, there was some error that messed it up and the site wouldn't come up. Later, I got an Angelfire account and made a version that looks much like the version you see now. Tripod updated or something and everything started working right, but I was nicely settled into the Angelfire account. Right after my birthday in 2002, the Angelfire version was frozen for some reason. I brought ScrollBoss back to my Tripod account. I jokingly reffered to the other place as OldBoss while it was stuck. Recently, my account there is working again, so I've altered the front screen a bit. I may actually start putting a few things on this site again.

What happened to the VS Mode area? It's on hold until I can think of a better visual format for it. That was one of my favorite parts of ScrollBoss and I hope to bring it back soon. I'd like to get all the sprite edits done ahead of time instead of doing them at the last minute like I did with the SuperNinjas battle. I'd also like to have the new version of the S-Files back up so you can check out the stats on each character.

What happened to the S-File character profiles? Lots of stuff has me confused as far as video game backstory canon goes. I still can't figure out the real name to the kingdom in Golden Axe. When the S-Files return, they might only feature bare-bones information and such.

At MugenBoss, I try to download the characters in the Sprite Edit area, but I can't. Why?There are NO downloadable Mugen characters on MugenBoss. No characters and no beta-test characters. They are only sprite edits. That is why I put them in the sprite edit areas instead of the character area that doesnt' exist because there are no characters. Sorry.

Why is Two.P one of your favorite characters? Lots of reasons. For instance, Two.P and J are the only drones in Final Fight that are even slightly wary of the the heroes who have been turning every other member of their gang to a fleshy pulp. At the very least, they try to be kinda tricky. Also, he has a mohawk. Two.P is also one of the few characters I've even seen with both orange and green in a color scheme that didn't make me vomit. Somehow, he manages to make it work and I respect him for it.

Will ScrollBoss have stuff about current games for PS2, GameCube and X-Box?I just got a PS2 and GCN this year... I'm poor like that. Don't worry though. I've got a USB capture cable and I'll start putting up some stuff on the newer adventure games. Titles that are sequels will definitely be featured when I get access to them and put enough stuff together.

ScrollBoss has toys. Ha, ha, dood, why do you still play with toys? Because I got tired of playing with your mother. Next?

Is it "ScrollBoss" or "Scrollboss"? It's supposed to be ScrollBoss with a capital B, but I'm usually working on this stuff after 3:00 am, which causes me to screw up a lot! Manee errrorz.

Hey, there was a place that you started on the old Angelfire account called ScrollMates where you were gonna focus on adventure game hotties. Is it coming back?Believe it or not... yes. The V.S. Mode 'Bad Girl Battle' conclusion will lead into that. There's a lot of artwork that needs to be done for it, too.

Grumble Grumble!!**throws hunk of meat at hungry person**

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