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The Newness (6/20/01)

     Uh oh, stuff's cookin'. Mind you that this ain't "official like" or nothin', but I'm hopin' for a big July update. See, I don't have internet access with my computer, but I can take stuff either to a friend's house or the library. One snag: I've gotta do it on FLOPPY DISCS. That's right, 1.38 MB at a time. Unfun. But, if I get I can get the CD writer that I'm saving up for, I'll do a giant update in probably mid-July. No, this isn't written on a stone tablet, so don't get mad if it doesn't happen. Plus, the disk with the update that I was supposed to do long ago got wiped out before I could upload it. And now, my computer won't link my offline pages so I can't fix broken links BEFORE they're uploaded, which would make me look like a jack-***. Sigh.

BUT, I do have much newness in the works. I just finished the slight Minus World makeover and 2 new entries. Did many new pics for the profiles section (my new favorite is the background on Double Dragon's Linda Lash), some still have to be colored. Hell, I've even got a picture of Rygar drawn.

If this update thing comes off without a hitch, you're going to find a lot of new crap that'll look (and sound, heh heh) just a lil' better than the old stuff. All the Minus Worlds will be redone and will have new, crackalicious art or screenshots, not to mention fixing the text colors and background pattern to make it easy on the eyes. All the profiles (preview below) will have a sweeter design and give out more information than before. As for codes, go to GameFaqs or somethin'. Oh sure, I'll bust out some of my personal passwords that might interest people, but other than that, probably not much else. If there's a game you want to see something about, let me know in the message board or e-mail or somethin'. Send a @#$%ing pidgeon with a note on it's foot if you have to. Be cool, group.

I'm keepin' the Shinobi walk on here cuz it's so fly, baby...
What's this about? Heheheheh...this isn't even on the time-release list yet...has no name yet, but what it will be is mock-ups of games that I'd like to see. I took the Nick Fury from the Punisher game, did some recoloring, and animated his cigar. Now he's in his old SHIELD outfit & you'll see more agents. More as this develops...
Blaze gets her shine on in animation form. There's going to be a new feature here with animations. I've got it ready, but my computer won't do the links right when I test the pages on my system. It's done already, so you'll see it soon.
See a some new art. Get some culture!
Feature preview. For now, it's called "Saga" and it chronicles a game series. When done, you'll have access to images, sounds, wallpapers, etc. I did the music on MTV Music Generator.
Get a sneak preview of the new look for the profile pages. If there are any pieces of info that you think should be put in the stats area, let me know BEFORE I finish the table and release it.

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