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The Newness (7/18/00)

The end of July is rapidly approaches and so is the time that I said I'd do the big, fat update. It may not be exactly on July 31st or anything, but it'll be close. I STILL don't have a CD writer, ZIP drive or net access, so I'm not sure how this is gonna go. It'll probably be on a Wednesday or the weekend.

I've posted some previews to prove that I'm gettin' it together. Lately, I've been tweaking the interface to the S-Files and I've been trying to make some new art. I'm trying to do many things that have been neglected lately, so I've been working on my Hall of Reference site a little. Right before doing this "Newness" text, I finished the art for Billy Lee and after that, I've gotta color a new head-to-toe pic of Guy in a "ready to hurt people" pose.. Suggested Beatings and Secret Weapons are next as far as logos and refined menus. I won't be drawing much new art for the site after that, 'cuz I've got some official art to get drawin'. But I've got so much stuff that I've scanned and haven't colored that there'll be enough to put new life into this tired @#$ site.

If you want to see snapshots of some of the new pages, they're in the menu. You may get a laugh out of one of these pages, but they're not really exciting to look at. I've also left some animated GIF pics and a new decoration.

Simon Belmont takes a stroll.
Joe Musashi is still up in this.
I drew this for my art site, but Spidey has quite a few nice games, so here it is.
A snapshot of the "Saga" feature's menu and logo. I should be ashamed of myself...
Snapshot of the Final Fight Saga page. When fully done, there'll be more pictures and stuff.
Snapshot of the Animation Index. I might add a few more animated sprites before the premiere, but it's not like I've shown all the ones I've done yet.
Get a sneak preview of the new look for the profile pages. If there are any pieces of info that you think should be put in the stats area, let me know BEFORE I finish the table and release it.

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