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The Newness (7/7/00)

Booyar, children! Well, I'm still workin' on the big update. There's a lot of stuff that I want to do that I'm really not sure how to do with web pages yet (even with the help of a program). But I intend to get this whole joint on point, and that's my word. Those that know me probably know that I'm going through some f-ed up stuff right now and I'm on the verge of going insane. I'm also doing a lot of artwork on some comic book stuff that I'll tell you about soon. So to Josh and Jose, don't worry, I'm workin' on your stuff, my friends.

Right now, I've been doing some of the boring stuff, like checking the new pages for broken links and trying to design new interfaces for menus and crap. There's some other new stuff that I've got that I'm keeping under wraps for now, but I think I've gotta give you guys at least one new thing, so I put Simon up in here. The updated Minus World works, so that's guaranteed. The new rev. of the S-Files is almost done, only the finished stats and menu remain. Both have new logos. I want to make funkidelic logos for all the ScrollBoss features, so I'll work on those next. I've got some redone logos for popular games like Mega Man, Double Dragon, etc. Oh, I'm also working on a ratings system for the "Suggested Beatings" game review section. Still needs a logo, but it already has an animated GIF. picture on it though. That'll pop up in the update.

Here's some news for some other sections: ToyBoss is on hold until I can get a digital camera, so sorry about that. Vernacula-X is going to be redone and will include some helpful stuff as well as funny, cracky mess. ArtBoss is just going to be a link to my PrimeArt site's Video Game page until I put together some special stuff for it.

For now, I see the update probably showing up at the end of July or something. Still don't have a CD writer or access to the web from my computer, so it's gonna take some work if I don't have either by then. But, I think I can make it happen in late July.

Peep out Simon. Yes, I added frames to this one, too. Anything for my Castlevania heads.
Joe Musashi is still up in this.
A Preview of "Saga" that will feature an overview of particular game series and spinoffs.
Get a sneak preview of the new look for the profile pages. If there are any pieces of info that you think should be put in the stats area, let me know BEFORE I finish the table and release it.

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