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The Newness (August 15, 2001)

     Even while I attempt to root out all the broken links and mistakes, I've got a lil' bit more new stuff to add to the site. The "Whip Appeal" and "Funny Papers" Minus Worlds have been modified with more pictures to spice them up. All 3 features within "Saga" have been updated since I've played some of the games that a hadn't had a chance to yet (Golden Axe Warrior for SMS is probably the best Zelda clone for an 8-bit system). The Final Fight Saga has been spruced up the best. Lemme know how the load time is on it.

Speaking of Final Fight, I talked to a cool Final Fight fan recently who also runs a Street Fighter/Final Fight site called "Street Fighter Legends." RyoDMC's kicks major buttock and every Street Fighter fan should go see it. I know 2 other people who run some funky-fresh Street Fighter sites as well ("Shun Goku Satsu :Embrace the Power Within" and "Dark Shotokan", so I gotta hurry up and talk to them today so I can put 'em in the links section. Once done, I'll start up the Street Fighter links section.

The counter is TOAST. Angelfire is having trouble with their counters. Attempts to fix the index page with their site editor caused the link to the site itself to disappear. Hopefully it works now. Last count, it was like 520-something. I'll have to get a new counter, too. By the time 550 rolls around, the first of the time release additions should make it's presence known.

from the top of the dome:... expect some new wallpapers in the next 2 weeks...why the @$%$ does "BET UnCut" show the same 10 @#$%in' videos every night?!?!? Only Cappadonna/Ghostface's joint brings me any feelin' on the music front of that show. The rest is mostly no talent, no flow GARBAGE...I can't wait to see the new Justice League cartoon. Jonn Jonz finally gets animated. BOOYAR...did you see who did the box art for the GBA's Final Fight? You won't beleive it when you see it...I'm so hungry and I can't @#$%ing eat! If you know me in real life, you know why...If I didn't have to go to sleep early, I'd play Golden Axe Warrior some more to see if I can find out if Tyris is alive or not. I can't believe the game has a "Lost Desert" instead of the "Lost Woods"...When does the Street Fighter "Guy" figure come out? That M-Fer looks tight as hell...Hal Jordan is still the best GL ever, you herb... has any Green Lantern been in a video game besides the one that Ocean was doing for the SNES but cancelled? Hmmm...Tazz is gonna get revenge for that belt lashin' on Monday. Hopefully we'll see the return of the old-school Taz. Dudleys! Why didn't you help Tazz? That's messed up... Okay, clock Z's...

Bomberman fans know this as a provider of more exploding goodness. Here, it will soon be in the main menu as an alert to new or updated items.

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