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The Newness (September 1, 2001)

Dang, I just wrote one of these on, what, Tuesday? Dang... not much new up here since then! The little bit that IS new is here.


Not much this time, sparky. Check out the Newness box at the bottom to peep it, though!

SNK v.s. Capcom 2 Alert!!! (it's gonna stay here)

The webmaster at that cool, cool site, Street Fighter Legends, has started an online petition to make sure that SNK vs Capcom for the Dreamcast makes it to the United States and Europe. See, so far, we may not get to play the 2-D goodness for ourselves. That ain't right! Sign the petition, don't use a fake name/address, and be a patriot! It doesn't take that long at all and remember, if this succeeds, it'll be a victory for 2-D games in general. FIGHT THE POWER!!! Remember:" If something is yours by right, then fight for it or shut up." (I can't remember who said that originally) Just click the banner below and read for the petition on the front screen.


Stephani_Rolento sent me some Rolento art. I was gonna just put a link to my artsite's video game stuff, but S_R's pics gave me a reason to put a gallery section here. Until I think up one of my "clever" (dipped in sarcasm here) name for the new section, I'll make stuff accessable through the Newness.

I told you that I was doin' custom SNK v.s. Capcom Card Clash stuff, so I've decided to put one in here until I get the page up for it. If anyone else has any, SHARE! I'd like to see what characters or people have been done. Who'd I do one of? You'll see...

ToyBoss, the section where I show off video game figures (including my custom ones) WILL RETURN. I'll get a cheap digital camera for now until I can afford a good one. My Bionic Commando figure needs some touching up, but will be on hand for the welcome back party. He won't be alone. Heh-heh.

On my "To do" list is coming up with a way to make the Music Test feature be cool and almost like a video game option screen. That's also what's holding that up (not to mention the fact that I don't have net access or a CD burner). There are so many places where you can get video game sound effects that I doubt that I'll even put the Sound Test feature up here.

I've also gotta finish some of those S-File pictures. Until I do, you'll see the simple, poot-butt version of the art or a screenshot. Sorry.


TOONAMI:Special Edition kicks much @#$! Anime Daft Punk and Gorillaz videos that I've never seen before? Beats the clot out of watching "the New Adventures of Johnny Quest" like the olde days... heard about the "secret characters" hidden in Game Boy Advance's "Final Fight One" game? Haven't seen it, but it just sounds cool as heck. I must have it... Shout-out to all my peoples at Peachtree Comics. Just got done sketchin' what may be poster/cover art for a new character that I can't show you yet... as I was searchin' through my art drawer for some art for Peachtree, I found some art meant for ScrollBoss that I need to finish. Some you've seen lots of people draw, but this one game's heroes barely ever get sketched. Hope I do 'em up right... Got lots of scannin' to do, so I gotta slide. Later, keeds...


Check out the art sent in by the mysterious Stephani Rolento, a young artist who sent some art of, who else, Final Fight boss Rolento!!!
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