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The Newness (September 22, 2001)

You ain't gonna believe this, but I finally got hooked up to the 'net! That means that I'll be sitting down soon and working on fixing any broken crap in this site. Word to Big Bird, yo. That also means that I've also been busy registering all these programs I got (man, MusicMatch switched logos on me right before my eyes!) and downloading some cool stuff that I've only heard about, but not seen or experienced before. Aw yeah. You know what I mean. "That" Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...

MUGEN!!!! Son (or Daughter), have you seen this yet? It's tight! It's a fighting game for the PC that regular folk like us can make our own characters. It's hard work, BUT IT SHOULD BE! No need for every half-butt hack to be tryin' to make poot-butt characters. If you do MUGEN characters, start checkin' out my Animation index. I don't have time to make characters myself, but I will try a few backgrounds and I'll be making some custom sprite-rips...

Also, I want to thank Stephani_Rolento for all the Rolento art that she drew and the pics she got off the 'net. Not to mention the Rolento figure that you did. You beat me to it!!! Plus, thanks to Zebedee for writing and posting in the guestbook. If you send me that stuff (uh, let me clean out my inbox first. clutter...), I'll have to do some art for you...


I'm on the Internet now! Maybe I can start to pimp this site more...

SNK v.s. Capcom 2 Alert!!! (it's gonna stay here)

The webmaster at that cool, cool site, Street Fighter Legends, has started an online petition to make sure that SNK vs Capcom for the Dreamcast makes it to the United States and Europe. See, so far, we may not get to play the 2-D goodness for ourselves. That ain't right! Sign the petition, don't use a fake name/address, and be a patriot! It doesn't take that long at all and remember, if this succeeds, it'll be a victory for 2-D games in general. FIGHT THE POWER!!! Remember:" If something is yours by right, then fight for it or shut up." (I can't remember who said that originally) Just click the banner below and read for the petition on the front screen.


When I first made this site a little over a year ago, I wanted to use it to practice making webpages AND pay homage to some games that don't get much recognition. As I cruise the net (AT HOME! WHEEEE!!!), I'm finding more and more great sites that feel how I feel. Since I can do this in da crib now, I'm going to start to seek these people out and get links and stuff. It would be cool if I could make this site a gateway to good game sites

MUGEN - I love this thing. Sure, about half of the characters I downloaded didn't even work (it's because I got a newly updated version, I think) No time for making characters, but I think I could manage some backgrounds. No, not rips from other games. NEW versions of old, familiar battlegrounds. And since it uses MP3s as music, one of the upcoming features will be even more useful (hehe-HA).


First of all, big shout out to everybody down with the relief effort in NYC, including my homie (and firefighter) Helium10010 in Yahoo! Clubs! I'm on the net, yo! Booyah... Mugen is SO tight, but I wish that Super Sonic character worked. Still, Guy, Rolento, Chun-Li, Raiden, and Dr. Doom still work. Gotta get more. Gotta get more... "Versus Mode" is gonna be so tight! When people see the art I'm - - wait, I can't talk about that here. That's still on the down-low. Aw, nobody reads this crap... Gotta ask Kumi and Arban if I can post their cards on the card page. I'm sure people would prefer to see the real gals, tho'... I wonder if anybody's done Joe Musashi or Ryu Hayabusa in MUGEN? Maybe I'll have to do something about that. MAYBE... Since nobody reads this, peep this: in the upcoming feature, OPTIONS, you'll find most of those time released options. When I put it in, you'll get a free option. What? Nunya Bizniss! Heheha... Seriously, thanks for stoppin' in. I promise to have some new stuff next week (Haggar's standing pic is almost done)...


Finally finished the artwork for Ax Battler. The full clip is "Sans Mullet", so chill.
This is for my art site, but I wanted you to see it. It's Beast from the X-Men, who also appeared in quite a few X-Men games (including X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse) and was cool as heck in the 90's X-Men cartoon. As far as I know, he's not in the "dude-totally-extreme" X-Men Evolution cartoon starring "Picco-rine."
Check out the art sent in by the mysterious Stephani Rolento, a young artist who sent some art of, who else, Final Fight boss Rolento!!!
Bomberman fans know this as a provider of more exploding goodness. Here, it will soon be in the main menu as an alert to new or updated items.
Ignore all dangers and head to the open door. Radd Spencer's Card. The first of what will be... what, a dozen? Half a dozen? We'll see...
Two.P...or not Two.P... what the @#$% kinda name is that?!?!?!? That's my boy, though!

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