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The Newness (December 5, 2001)

How odd that for the longest time, the oldest thing here was the Newness... well I'm finally updating this!!! I've been deep in the mystic mysts making changes here and there, like some navigations stuff and getting together new links and stuff. I haven't had a chance to check yet (I've been offline for a little bit), but the cool, cool cats at Death Adder's Castle, the best Golden Axe site anywhere, linked to me after I begged! They're in the links section and you need to check 'em out... you can even get your personal questions answered by Death Adder himself!

Also, I want to thank Stephani_Rolento for all the Rolento art that she drew and the pics she got off the 'net. Not to mention the Rolento figure that you did. You beat me to it!!! I can't wait to see how it looks once you get those Elite Brigade boots. Plus, thanks to Zebedee for writing and posting in the guestbook. If you send me those pics (uh, let me clean out my inbox first. clutter...), I'll have to do some art for you...


V.S. Mode's first tournament is almost ready to begin: the Super Ninjas tournament! After that, the Bad Girls fight it out! Then, well, I've got a few sprites done, but I'm not telling:)

In the Options menu, the Music Test has 1 song: Sunset Blvd. from Revenge of Shinobi. I've recorded the Golden Axe theme, just need to fix the sound.

the S-Files and the Saga sections have now been made more navigation-friendly:)

New Saga: SHINOBI!!!

More new sprites than you could shake a baseball bat at...


More new S-Files, music and more, more, more stuff. For Mugen fans, there'll be more old-school backgrounds made by me and I might take a shot at an old-school lifebar or font as well as some original stuff. And, of course, more artwork.

And now... once again... FROM THE TOP OF THE DOME:

I've been off the internet for 3 days and all I got was some work done! Dagnabbit... Castlevania Chronicles makes you realize how the series earlier installments were simultaneously beautiful and frustrating as heck... hmmm, for the Christmas gift for myself, should I get: a.) DVD player b.) Game Boy Advanced c.)a Printer? what to do... ugh, I've got a chest-crackling cough and I'm low on cash. I think I'll kick an elf in the @#$-crack and jack him for his blue potion:) thieving punks... Justice League to X-Men Evolution = Matrix to Saved by the Bell... And what's the deal with Ultimate X-Men? 100 people dressed in black v.s. 100 other people dressed in black and they're all crazy psycho killas!!! eh, I'll stick with Avengers, Captain Marvel and Flash... Oooh, another Christmas option: GAME CUBE WITH SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MEELEE!!! No... won't have enough money... stick to plan... okay, clock zzzzzz's...


The Lee Brothers from Double Dragon!!!

Oooh, you nasty! It's Electra from Streets of Rage 2, resized and slightly modified by me, sucka!"
Well, you can't tell from the way he use his walk... he's a ninja man, no time for talk...

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