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The Newness (August 25, 2001)

As usual, things never go as they were supposed to for me. I was SUPPOSED to get Road Runner cable internet access on Tuesday, but it was discovered that whoever from the cable company that wired our building with fiber optic cable didn't do it right, meaning that I got shafted. They said that they've gotta rewire our building first, which will happen somewhere between the last day of never and the second coming of Mayor McCheese. How does that affect this site? That meant that I took a bunch of disks to the library, tried to upload stuff and get it to work, and FAILED. Bloody hell, man.


What did I add to this site since Wednesday? Not much at all. I'm just tryin' to fix all the f-ed up stuff that I know of. It's only about 2 a.m. as I write this, so I may sneak some stuff in. You'd just have to find it ;) I'm putting the Contained Metroid sprite in the graphic box just in case the Animation page doesn't wanna work.

Okay, here's some good stuff:

SNK v.s. Capcom 2 Alert!!!

The webmaster at that cool, cool site, Street Fighter Legends, has started an online petition to make sure that SNK vs Capcom for the Dreamcast makes it to the United States and Europe. See, so far, we may not get to play the 2-D goodness for ourselves. That ain't right! Sign the petition, don't use a fake name/address, and be a patriot! It doesn't take that long at all and remember, if this succeeds, it'll be a victory for 2-D games in general. FIGHT THE POWER!!! Remember:" If something is yours by right, then fight for it or shut up." (I can't remember who said that originally) Just click the banner below and read for the petition on the front screen.


I've been making custom "SNK v.s. Capcom card battle" cards of some real life people I know and I might add a page to show 'em off. Also, I've got one in the works for one of my favorite Capcom characters that will definitely see the light of day. There'll be more, so stay tuned if you like that sort of thing.

On my "To do" list is coming up with a way to make the Music Test feature be cool and almost like a video game option screen. That's also what's holding that up (not to mention the fact that I don't have net access or a CD burner). There are so many places where you can get video game sound effects that I doubt that I'll even put the Sound Test feature up here.

What you WILL see is more Animations. It's kinda fun to put together these frames from games and modify them a little bit to simulate how cool the game would be if it were tweaked and re-released. There's so many people posting sprite animations, why should I post something that you could just find everywhere else? So expect to see some brand new shizz-nizz in the coming months, including more hyped-up Final Fight characters and more.

I've also gotta finish some of those S-File pictures. Until I do, you'll see the simple, poot-butt version of the art or a screenshot. Sorry.


Thanks, Time Warner, for giving me false hope... Tenacious D album soon? Booyah... New/Old Castlevania game for Playstation 1? Yes yes y'all... I can't wait 'til that next batch of Street Fighter figs come out. Guy, Bison, Ibuki... I need them... I got a transparent Soundwave PVC Wednesday night. I just want the color ones, but I'll take what I can get. Anybody sellin'? Just askin'... how ironic that the bookers are what's makin' Booker-T look crazy, no? The man has too much talent for that... while I'm on the subject, that spin move Booker-T does to get up has been called a "Windmill" by breakdancers since circa 1975. IT IS NOT CALLED A SPINAROONIE!!! Make it sound cool and call it a "Windmill Kipup" or somethin'. Spinaroonie sounds like a @#$%ing Chef Boyardee pasta treat. Damn you, Mark Madden!!! Damn you all to hell!!! Sucka... Damn, I'm hungry... MAYBE I'll get to eat something tonight... Does "Technos" still exist? Do they still make games? I hope so, cuz that means a River City Ransom revival is still possible... Okay, that's enough... get out of my head now.


Bomberman fans know this as a provider of more exploding goodness. Here, it will soon be in the main menu as an alert to new or updated items.
Metroid in Container from Super Metroid. I used some paint software tricks to make the frames smoother. Now it looks more ooey-gooey...
Dominique from Double Dragon V: the Shadow Falls. If the programmers weren't forced to the constraints of the cartoon's character designs, I might've liked this game more. The slippery control doesn't help either. What is a woman who looks like THAT doing in a kid's game? I ask this over and over and over...

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