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Welcome to ScrollBoss, a fan site about adventure/action games like Castlevania, Double Dragon, Metroid, Mega Man, Final Fight, Golden Axe, all that good stuff. Although the focus is mostly on 8 and 16 bit systems (like the NES, SMS, Genesis and SNES), you'll soon find stuff about games that keep the same feel like Klonoa, Metal Gear Solid, and other games that keep the same platform or adventure feel. Old school games. You know you love 'em. Lounge here and dig 'em.

Animation (Animated sprites) What's Happ'nin'
Artwork (Only Fan art for now)

8/31/2002: The ressurection is at hand! Go forth and find both the oldness and the newness! I've tried to add something new to every old feature and wherever it looks like there isn't something new, I've changed something or modified it somehow. Saga now provides links directly to relavant sites or pages that deal with the games.

Long Live Short (Tribute to Steve Skinner)
Minus World (Game Oddities)
Saga (Game Series)
Secret Weapons (tips/codes)
S-Files (Character Profiles)
Scrollmates (Ladies)
Suggested Beatings (Reviews)
Warp Zone (Links)
Versus Mode (Fantasy Battles)
Options Menu (Game remixes, sounds, etc.)


Sites in the PrimeOp family:
MugenBoss: my site for Mugen-style sprite edits and only a few downloads and links. So far, I have backgrounds from Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Brawl Brothers, etc with more on the way!


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DISCLAIMER: All characters are copyrighted to the characters who own them, such as Capcom, Sega, Konami, Technos, Jaleco, Nintendo, and many others. This is just a fan site. I want to refresh in people's minds why they love games in the first place. Put out more old school compilations. For those who have, much thanks. ScrollBoss is copyrighted 2000 by James Beaver.