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As a favor to Diana the Valkyrie (I bet you thought I forgot, didn't you?), I've created this secret page of my site dedicated to not only video game Valkyries, but strong female characters in general. Although there will be a slightly tongue-in-cheek feature called Scrollmates (poking fun at men's magazines while still admiring female characters), this feature will go outside the realm of adventure games and show off fighting females of all game genres like 1-on-1 fighters, RPG's, etc. Some of the stuff here can be found on my regular site, but there'll be a lot that won't. Plus, you can't even get here from my normal site, so that makes it kinda special.

This is just a start, though. I'll update it every once in awhile to fill it out to include all of everyone's faves like Chun Li, Kitana, Shiva (MK3), Cammy and more. Later, there'll be links to artwork, screenshots, animations, etc. If you have any questions or requested characters, just e-mail me at

Hall of Video Game Valkyries
Thyra the Valkyrie: the original Gauntlet games - She was the best character to play as. True, most guys would play as the Barbarian because of his power. In my eyes, he sucks because he can't throw his axes between 2 diagonal bricks (Gauntlet players know what I mean). The wizard is too weak and slow and the elf can't take many hits. Thus, the Valkyrie is the ultimate warrior of Gauntlet.
Valkyrie soldier from "Ogre Battle" role-playing game. They possess the ability to lead units of warriors as well as cast a powerful thunder spell. A higher level of their skill allows them to electrify an entire group of enemies!

Other Worthy Women in Video Games

Black Widow (Saturday Night Slam Masters 2 by Capcom) - This masked German grappler with amazing powers reveals that she's really a buff amazon when you beat the game with her. She has blinding speed and has some very tricky moves.
Blaze (Streets of Rage by Sega) - Another popular heroine of the 90's side-scrolling game era. Much like Tyris Flare of Golden Axe fame, Blaze has balanced stats as well as a good jumpkick that hits enemies a nice distance away.
Linda Lash (Double Dragon games by Technos and Acclaim) - Probably the first thinly-veiled dominatrix in video game history. She strolls onto the scene armed with a whip that she wields with deadly accuracy.
Poison and Roxy (Final Fight games by Capcom) - These two bad girls are swift assassins with a very cool flip kick move. They were edited out of the U.S. version of Final Fight for the SNES (BOO!!!) and were given more modest attire for the Sega CD version. Roxy is the redhead while Poison has cotton candy pink hair.
Tyris Flare (Golden Axe by Sega) - Tyris is one of the more popular females in old school video games and is still fondly remembered by Genesis Golden Axe fans. She won a poll on my site for most beautiful female character. I usually pick her when I play because of her magic power and far-reaching jumpkick. She's easy on the eyes, too...