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about me

I don't really have much sequential artwork that doesn't have my characters in it. What little of that I have is here (except for the Tekken fight scene that still needs to be found and scanned). I realize that it's rather old-school looking and a bit bland. I like trying to tell a story more than throwing a bunch of pin-ups on a page. That's something that I want to work towards.

the Thing (1999) 1 2 3 4 5
So this was supposed to be my demonstration that I could do sequential work that DIDN'T have my characters in it. I put the Thing in there because he was fun to draw and he was one of those characters that people almost constantly screwed-up. The Thing isn't supposed to look like the Hulk. NEVAH. He's on his way back to the Baxter Building in a content mood (probably after a day of hanging out with his best gal Alicia) and he gets attacked by what looks like... you know, um, a really big guy. Then, he gets some help fighting said faux-big-guy. I actually got some good positive comments on this (especially the fighting) and some good points on how to do better next time (like more varied camera angles). I'm thinking of redrawing this one, but different. Probably flying the Fantasticar or something. That'd give me a chance to do more funky angles. Aw yeah. I'd have to use a flying enemy or something though.

the Transformers (2000) pages: 1
I don't remember why I never went further than this page. I just remember sketching thumbnails for a page where Bumblebee and Prowl are zipping through the halls, then transform and see what set off the alarm. That's about it. Still, I proved that I could draw a Transformers doing a flip while transforming.

Tekken: Marshall Law vs Baek Doo San (????) 1
I did this to send to a company that was doing a Tekken comic book at the time. I tried to have the two characters fighting the way that they do in the game (Tekken 2). Of course, I had to include Law's often-abused Flip Kick. When I didn't hear back from the company, I took it as a sign that I sucked. I took it as a sign that I sucked. Turns out the company was going through trouble and no longer had the Tekken book. I think. Another company started doing Tekken books a few years ago, but I barely know a think about anything post Tekken 3. This is because I am lame.