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Martial Artwork (yes, I really coudn't think of a better title)
2004 - First pencilled and inked pic of Kenji Toshida since the 'art rut' era. Not perfect, but not bad either. Still, it's the best pic of him I've done yet. Here, he has the 'new' arm-wrapping style from the last 2002 pic and the strap holding his sword sheath is thinner than before. Kinda felt like the good old days when I worked on this one!
2004 - The funny about Passion is that I've only done a satisfactory on her face in sketches. Always. Well, until now. Her face still doesn't have the look I'm going for, but it's close. The fishnet areas came out much better than expected, too. Okay, to be honest, EVERYTHING is better than I expected. Decided to play it safe with this pic and not have the "Turkey's done" factor with her outfit, even though it fully fits her personality.
2002 - Another crappy and rushed picture. This actually came from a sketch that I digi-inked, but the lines weren't very clean. The one positive thing that came out of this was that I got the glowing eyes to look just how I wanted on computer. At least it wasn't a total loss. BTW: yes, you've seen the eyes of that picture on this site before ;)
2002 - In one of the books, I just drew him running in that pose and the image just stuck. I didn't want him to have the exact same running style as every other ninja, so I just brought his arms out a bit. He still leans forward at a seemingly impossible angle. Bah. It is the way of the fictional ninja. Now that I look at it, it's not bad for a 2002 pic!
2002 - 2002 was a rough year and you can really tell that I was running on fumes while drawing this one. It's really a remake of an older pose that I had drawn Passion in back around the mid-1990's (or 199x, if you will). I'll probably draw it again, now that I'm getting my drawing power back. As stupid as it is to me to have a character fighting in a thong, the pencilled version didn't look quite right even with a slightly more 'modest' style. In the next version, I'll try that again.
1998 - Passion Tanaka. Once again, being sultry looking with the knives. She knows how to use more than knives, but I've been apprehensive about giving her anything like shuriken , because I started to notice a lot more female Asian characters popping up that were dressed like this and threw shuriken (or throwing stars, as some people call them). I did a bad job on the face, but the pose came out pretty well. I've still got to scan the color version, which seems to make her face look a bit better.
1997 - I don't want to spoil too much (although this picture spoils quite a bit), but part of Twofold/Kenji Toshida's style comes from the Five Element theory. I was going to do one picture for each element, but never seemed to get around to it, even though people liked this picture a lot. I think the Peter Parker/Ryu redesign I did for the hair really looked better here.
1996 - While none of my artwork could be considered as a classic, this is one of the first pictures that really got people into digging this character. This was actually the cover to what would've been issue number one and slightly depicts a scene in the book.
1995 - This was to be the cover of the 3rd issue. It was actually just a pin-up showing Kenji fighting the Night's Rain clan. This was also back in the days were I used to challenge myself with how many people I could draw one character attacking at the same time. There's an inside joke with this picture that'll be evident once I start describing the characters more. The sad thing is that comics have changed so little that the joke still rings true nearly 10 years later. Then again, that also means that I don't really have to change much about them .
1994 - Early experiment with cut-out characters and cheaply airbrushed backgrounds. Note that he doesn't have the solid black pants yet. He's pretty much fighting generic soldiers in the tradition of Shinobi's Joe Musashi here.

Twofold, Kenji Toshida, Passion Tanaka, Sean Chan, Gordon Wu, Master Hsu, Smiling Demon, Night's Rain Clan and all other related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because they're my characters. Please don't use characters without permission.