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Button Mashing (verb)
Into the Drink (exclaimation)

Into the Drink (exclaimation)

In the early NES days, before we realized that Renegade was a crappy-ass game, my friends and I were playing Renegade. In the midst of the poorly animated and programmed battle, my friend Kenyon Kellum jumpkick one of the oogly-drawn enemies into a body of water (I've deleted specifics of this game from my memory) causing the thug to JUST DIE. Kenyon, in a dead-on Popeye voice, said," Come on Wimpy, INTO TH' DRINK!" That moment is the best memory I have of a sucky game.

Anyway, INTO THE DRINK! is yelled when someone gets thrown into the water in a video game. In my circle, it just became a tradition. If you can't do a Popeye impression, don't even do it. It won't be funny. And only do it every once in awhile. If you wear it out, it'll no longer be funny.

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