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Dig these crazy pictures, man.
Put your hands on your hips! A pic from 2003 that was always intended to be for his characer profile. Finally colored it in 2004. Not bad for a bit of a rush job
He do run run run, he do run run Drawn in 2004, this is probably the best that I've ever made Nutroll look. The original pose was sketched at All-American Comics in Warren, OH **plug plug ** after I bought more than my pre-Pittsburgh ComicCon budget really allows...
Nutroll makes an unexpected cameo here While Nutroll didn't officially debut on this site until 2004, he did make a small appearance in this doodle page from late 2003. Here, he's trying to cover up some of my hateful commentary about the burning corpse of some other company's character. It's... it's not as evil as it sounds... I think.
With great power comes delicious snacks and naked manniquins This tribute to Steve Ditko's cover to Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, was to be a cover for the Nutroll ashcan comic. This is also the first ever appearance of Mandy Kin, the manniquin (replacing the burglar from the Spidey cover). Lots of hidden in-jokes in the building that are way to small to see anyway. A wasted effort, but at least I know that they're there. BTW: I put the RVD clock in there because this was drawn while he was still on the shelf at ECW with an injured leg.
This is the cover art of what would've had the 5 page Nutroll preview along with some more of my characters.
Can't get you outta my head Out of all the pictures that I've drawn of Nutroll, this is the one that almost sums up what he's about. It's just chaos. Actually, this is a remake of an earlier picture that I didn't think had enough Nutroll variants in it. There's quite a few in-jokes and a few gags where certain versions of Nutroll are interacting on a more subtle level.
I'm happy... hope you're happy toooooooo... While I didn't know it at the time, the inspiration for this pic was from David Bowie's video, "Ashes to Ashes." There's a scene where he's in the corner of a padded cell with a spotlight on him. A long time after drawing the picture, MTV2 finally played the video. As soon as I saw the scene, I knew that must've been lurking in my brain as reference. Child of the 80's? That's me! *cries inside*
Dee original This is the original 'Out of his head' drawing that I drew while hanging out with friend and fellow artist Gary Smith. He thought that I was crazy when I told him that I wasn't satisfied with the amount of Nutroll variants in picture. The remake of the picture really upped the ante, although both pics share many of the same gags.

Nutroll, Inborn Correctional Institute, Mandy Kin, Dr. Sakimoto and all related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because, well, I made them up myself.