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This area of the site has been claimed by my character who is known only as Nutroll. While only a handful of you who are reading this already know who he is (and what he's capable of), most of the world does not. So, this place has been made to remedy that situation. And what better day to start it off than on April Fool's Day? Now that I think about, I should've waited until it was totally finished so there wouldn't be any broken links and such. Bah, what's a site without broken links? Like a weasel without bourbon, I think.

4/1/04: Area goes live in a half-butt incarnation. Whoopity-crap.

4/3/04: Added more to the 'What a Nutroll' & 'Artwork' sections, starts 'Extra' area with a wallpaper, and adds a 'Comics' section with the ancient 'Nutroll Preview' for you make fun of.

9/19/04: Finally added something ot this area: A profile on Kinney, the leader of the guards. Please note that this is actually based on the new version of Kinney and not the one from the old preview. This one is much tougher than the Original Recipe Kinney. I think this new one might be Extra Cripsy Tasty Rotisserie Honey-roasted pine scent with wings Kinney. This isn't your father's Kinney!!!!!1!1!1 And now I'm going to kick my own @#$ for using that stupid worn-out phrase. You take care, y'hear?
FEATURES Last Update Description
1.) Comics 4/1/2004 For now, it only has the old 5-page Nutroll preview..
2.) Artwork 9/19/2004 Old and new artwork of Nutroll and Nutroll-related characters.
3.) "Mommy, what a Nutroll?" 4/1/2004 Dumb story of how I made Nutroll and some Frequently Answered Questions
4.) Character Profiles 9/19/2004 New profile for Kinney, Head Guard of I.C.I.'s G-building
5.) the Nutroll Protocols of the Inborn Correctional Institute n/a ??????????
6.) Fun and Games n/a Have fun with the fool.
7.)Extra Stuff n/a Wallpapers, program skins, so on, so forth will be here.
8.) Links n/a Links to strange, crazy and fun stuff

Nutroll, Inborn Correctional Institute, Dr. Sakimoto and all related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because, well, I made them up myself.