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Nutroll: the preview
This is the old and horribly-lettered (by me) preview that I was going to be part of an anthology ashcan with some other characters of mine. Then, the last panel of the last page would be redone and lead into the rest of the 10 page story. I'll be redrawing this story this year. While most of it will be the same, the outside shot of the I.C.I. center will be very different. Also, the guy in the first cell is Trick, a character from the other story in the ashcan. He's part of a duo with an intenionally-corny name 'Trick and Treat' who have the power to create solid objects from their mind (thus landing him in the 'G-building'). The other guy is an old snake-man character of mine who has the ability to hypnotize people with a crazy-eye stare thing. I still haven't given him a good name yet.
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Nutroll, Inborn Correctional Institute, Trick, Mandy Kin, Dr. Sakimoto and all related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because, well, I made them up myself.