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Nutroll thought that a page with his favorite websites would make for great padding for his area of the site. I happen to agree, so here's some fun links to check out:
Homestar Runner A gi-normous grab bag of crazy-nutty-fun-love. If you've never been there, be sure to check it out and make sure to check out the 'Strong Bad E-mails' area.
Biz Markie The Diabolical Biz Markie is probably Nutroll's favorite emcee EVER. He makes the music with his mouth, gives people the vapors and is just a friend. Check out Biz's official site and get down with the Biz.
Weird Al Yankovic the site of Weird Al Yankovic, creator of some of the funniest music and parodies of all time. Oddly enough, Nutroll thinks that Weird Al made all of the songs while other artists borrow from his work. *shakes head*
Shaye St. John Visit the wild, strange and different world of independant filmmaker Shaye St. John today!
Late Night with Conan O'Brien The home of the craziest late-night show on the air today!
the House of Fun This is the site of comic creators Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, who have worked on such good stuffs as Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Milk and Cheese, Action Girl, Dork (one of my personal favorites too), and more than you can shake a Devil Puppet at. Visit the House of Fun today!
Mitch Hedberg If you haven't heard of this comedian yet, then you didn't look at the name at the side of this link description. What's wrong with you? This guy's great, so go visit his site.

Nutroll, Inborn Correctional Institute, Dr. Sakimoto, Mandy Kin, Gurad Kinney, Guard Keystone and all related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because, well, I made them up myself. All other characters mentioned in the links are copyrighted to their respective owners.