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Venom getting whipped to death by a young woman's hair. T'ain't right, McGee.

There are things that occur in the video game world that border on the outskirts of reality. Cans of cola that can help normal human beings regenerate knife wounds. Skinny young girls in biker shorts that can easily kill 7 foot tall superhumans. Street Fighter 2010. None of these things are right. Not one bit. And this is where we talk about them... in the Minus World.

No. 1 : Into the Drink
No. 2 : You used to be beautiful, man...(part 1)
No. 3: Run, Woman, Run!
No. 5: Electric Slide
No. 6: Whip Appeal
No. 7: Funny Papers
No. 8: And now a word from our sponsor
No. 9: Oil Can.... Oil Can...
No. 10: The most evil man in video game history...
No. 11: Where are the S-Files?
No. 12: The secret identity of Captain Commando? (5/15/04)


Some things are much too fun for a mere casual mention. Others must be seen more carefully. Here, we will delve deeper into the murky waters of video game madness:

Bootleg Wrestlers

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