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The Newness (May 16, 2002)

Dadgummit. I really wanted to make a kick-anus update this time. Unfortunately, lots of unforseen events kinda shut down most of the stuff that I wanted to do. In the midst of coloring, I picked up on mistakes that may have been small to most, but I wasn't going to let them slide. Ryu Hayabusa's standing pose is the only one that I felt was good enough to start coloring. 3 pictures need touch ups and one pic will be redrawn for further funk effect. However, I accomplished one of my main goals in changing the navigation system with goofy new icons. Not all of them came out the way that I wanted them to, but it's a nice start! Also, the new Dream Sequel has been started as well with a teaser page. It's the new feature that was at the bottom of the page for a long time (someone in the guestbook actually figured it out). I figured that Nemo would make the best representative for it.

On the plus side, one of the distractions is the fact that Mr. Jose Loeri has sent me part of the updated script for the comic that I'll be drawing for him. I'm trying to tighten up some of the character designs. There'll be some web presence of it pretty soon and I'll show you A.S.A.P. With my other spare time, there'll be another comic too, but I'll tell you about that later as well.

I've tried to add something new to every section except for maybe the Minus World and the Options Menu (and both of them will have new additions VERY soon). Some S-Files have new pics (and some will be open for basic information) and updated information. A couple of new tips will appear in the Secret Weapons section. Just spread yourself around and look for new stuff:) Things are going to be constantly updated, much of it won't even be announced. You'll just see it happen. For instance, the Saga section will soon link to all other related sections on the site. If you're looking in the Golden Axe Saga page, you'll be able to go directly to the S-Files of the characters, find tips and tricks, artwork and even related forum areas. Yeah, that's a lot of work. But you'll see it.


Versus Mode: In the ninja battle, it's down to three combatants. I'll pretend that I'm not bitter for you not helping Joe Musashi out. Nope. Not bitter at all (How do you beat a man that sets the entire battleground on fire?!?). Remember that I'll make a mindblowing wallpaper of the winner of the contest (as well as some other stuff).

S-Files: My idea for how the original Double Dragon game could've went down (and still make sense) is beginning to gel a bit more and you'll see this reflected in both new and updated S-Files of the cast. "Rise of the Dragons", the D.D. revival in the works from former SNK creators, isn't included in these S-Files because I can't make heads or tails for what they're talking about (Marion was JIMMY'S girlfriend? Wha?). You'll start seeing some Streets of Rage characters pop up as well (finally).

Music: I've got to record some more of my remixes from the PS1 MTV Music Generator, including the 1st ScrollBoss medley!!!

Minus World: 2 of the new ones need more pics. You can't get there through any normal means, but let's just say that, in the Minus World, anything is possible...!

Saga: There'll be more... just don't know which games... plus the re-structuring I mentioned.

Scrollmates: That's one of the pics I'm working on...

And now... once again... FROM THE TOP OF THE DOME:

Price drop on the PS2? Shinobi rumored to appear on the PS2? I think my next-gen console purchase has just been made (finally)... could it be? the return of Blacktron? Blacktron runs this motha, fo' shizzle. Well, only one set, but still (and you've gotta vote on it for it to happen)... Booker T in a lumberjack outfit: PRICELESS, SUCKA! It's on like neckbones... Cee-Lo is the MAN... and Rakim returns just in time to show these fake #$% gangstas and "playas" how to rhyme. Thanks, R... hmmm, Zelda rumors have suddenly given me pause on my console purchase. Yet, GameCube has no Armored Core. My plan is intact... well, back to work...


New visuals

This may not even make it past the sketch stage, but here's a sketch of Link...
"Mr. Lizard!!! A monster!!! Would you care for a Hambuger!!! Hahahaha!!"

(anyone who knows where that quote is from is instantly cool in my book)

(this is old, but I still like it)

Well, you can't tell from the way he use his walk... he's a ninja man, no time for talk...

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