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ScrollBoss: Time Log


March 1 , 2002: Well, believe it or not, the ScrollBoss hit counter finally topped 1000! Last week, the site got 94 hits... scary. I'd like to thank everyone who ever decided to step foot into this pathetic site, everyone who ever let me work on stuff on their computer until I got my own and to all the companies that made all the games we like talking about.

In honor of the 1000 hits, I want to add lots of new stuff. Finally fixed the Music Test in the Options Menu. Not only that but I've added my Golden Axe theme remix as well.

March 10/17, 2002: Another ninja bites the dust in VS MODE. Things are getting really interesting there. The EZboard forum is up and running. All Side Scroller fans, Mugen Dev refugees (man, that's a story unto itself) and lovers of sprite edits should check it out.

March 7, 2002: The forum has been revamped and is funky-fresher than ever! There are actually people in it now, man! Check it out!

Feb 20, 2002: Man, you guys love some VS mode, don't you?!?!? As I type this, about 90 people have already voted and now another character bites the dust. Wanna know who? click that big VS logo button to find out!

Also, I fixed the menu in the Suggested Beatings where some of the links didn't go to the game reviews. My bad, heh heh...

Feb 3, 2002: Well, it looks like more people like Versus Mode than I thought! Last time I checked, 58 people voted for their favorite ninja and the leader of the boards keeps changing! Go there now to see the first casualty of war!

Also, I'm working on the look of the Option Menu. It's slowly starting to look like a SNES option screen now:) Other than that, not much has been added lately because of my workload of art. But do not dispair... you WILL see new art from me and hopefully some others. Keep your eyes peeled...

Jan 21th, 2002: VERSUS MODE is now OPEN! Vote for your favorite ninja warrior NOW!

Meanwhile, there are more new reviews, slight changes in some S-Files, but the best part is that more Minus World madness is almost here!!! Plus, there'll be a lot more reviews and a revamped version of "Saga" including Castlevania and Shinobi!!!