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Kenji Toshida has been trained to be one of the most dangerous human beings to ever grace the planet. He walks along the road of perpetual shadow through to the abstract destination of perfection. But in the fog of yin and yang, positive and negative, good and evil, there is but one universal truth: Nothing will ever be as it was... for it never was.

FEATURES Last Update Description
1.) Comics 6/12/2004 Actual comic-style stories featuring the characters.
2.) Artwork 6/12/2004 As advertised.
3.) Character Profiles 6/12/2004 Learn more about the characters backstories and abilities here
4.) Secret Scrolls n/a The lengthy past of the 'Twofold' storyline.
5.) Extra Material n/a Wallpapers, program skins, so on, so forth will be here.

Twofold, Kenji Toshida, Passion Tanaka and all other related characters 2004 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because they're my characters. Please don't use characters without permission. That... that'd just be cold, man.