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9/22/04:New additions: The Nutroll area has a new character profile and a link to the multi-character picture from 1999. Made a few new art-pages for my artwork as well. I just finished a piece of commissioned artwork, so that kinda prevented me from adding much art in this go-round.
Meanwhile, I may be on-line next month, but that could be it. The DSL prices are kicking my butt, this buiding still isn't wired right for Digital Cable and with all the dial-up numbers being just far enough to not be local calls, dial-up can kiss my shiny, metal @#$. This makes my online future rather uncertain. I'll try to churn out some more stuff before the end of October. At the very least, I'll be able to communicate through the new message board. So sign up there now, dagnabbit!
9/8/04:New additions: Added a few pictures of my characters to the 1999 and pre-1999 picture areas on the All Artwork page. One picture has a cameo of almost all of my 1996-era characters. If you're interested in my characters, be sure to check that one out for previews of other characters that'll appear on this site at some point.
9/4/04:New additions: 3 black-and-white pics can been seen in the 2004 area of the pin-ups page. All three are video game characters who aren't from Final Fantasy, King of Fighters or Street Fighters. One of 'em is a latex-clad female character with big hair and another is carrying a severed monster arm, so you may want to look anyway, hmmm?

Due to some recent problems, I've been thinking of cutting back my site's storage capacity in order to save money. To do this, I had to remove material from the account. A LOT of material. MugenBoss took the largest hit of all by losing it's sprite edit and download areas. Since it just became a place where internet leeches found stuff to hotlink to for avatars and sigs, I almost don't even care. Don't worry though, because the sprites will return one day. Some will be moved to ScrollBoss. The Mugen downloads will return one day when my finances get better. I left the links and the tutorials though, since they seem to have helped a few people out before.

Last but not least,


So go join up and talk about whatever or complain about how I removed the sprites from MugenBoss :)
8/8/04:Just spent the last few weeks with little-to-no sleep thanks to the repairmen who worked on the apartment next door at the same time that I go to sleep. How nice of them to do that in the morning then work on the completely empty apt. complexes in the afternoon. Anyway, not much new to add. There's a new all-pencil pic of Blade and I rescanned that Favorite Heroes (2000) pic with much better results. If I can get some more consistant sleep, expect to see more new artwork again. I'm also putting together a message board for visitors to not bother with as well. Have a good week, everyone ^_^
7/17/04:Just popping in to mention that a few pics have been added to the Pin-up/all art page: The Doctor Doom pencil drawing (it was already on the site, but I forgot to add it to the new art page) and a scan of the Transformer Shockwave's cutout. I dig-dug into the archives for that old 2001 picture of the Cheetah, fixed her face a bit, put a date on it and added it to the gallery. Also, the old ScrollBoss profile pictures of Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead (from Sega's Golden Axe games) have been added as well. If the other ScrollBoss profile pics that I did back then weren't so shoddy looking and horribly rushed, I'd add them too. Too bad that's not the case. By the way, Even though this is the first time that I've have two updates within a week, don't expect every update to fall on some official day like my ScrollBoss and MugenBoss sites do. This place will be updated whenever I think I have enough new stuff ready for the place. From this point on, the updates should be more frequent. Hah, I've said THAT before...
7/10/04:Sorry for the wait, but I've been really busy. The artwork section has been slightly revamped. The art pages are now broken up into Pin-up/splash page art, Sequential artwork, Cutouts and Doodles/sketches. The new pin-up page has quite a few pictures that you've never seen before, including some older Transformer and G.I.JOE pics (and you'll see more TFs on the cutouts page). I planned on having more ready, but I think my spine is about to snap in half, so that's all for now. The next update won't be a month from now, but possibly next weekend. Oh, and I finally got a guest book for this site! It's at the bottom of this very page (for now).
6/12/04:It's my birthday, so I have to do a big update. And I can't think of anything bigger than adding a NEW SECTION with MY characters. It's nowhere near complete (thanks to some system hangups and slowdowns), but the new Twofold area is up with only artwork for now. The character profiles have been started, but, well, they kinda suck right now. Expect a bunch of regular mini-updates that will fill out this section. Also, expect to see a new hub area that talks about my comic universe as a whole. This area is already started, but needs work too. Visitors to the older (crappier) version of this site may remember that a Twofold area was here a few years ago, then disappeared. Well, it's back with more stuff. **claps hands together and points like Chuck Barris** Check back this upcoming Wednesday for more material in the Twofold AND Nutroll areas!
4/16/04: There's a new black and white pic of the Baroness (I think I almost got it right this time) as well as a new doodle pic featuring the Mad Gear gang from Final Fight. If you're a Rolento fan, you might like it a bit more. There's a few new items in the G.I.JOE section including an old picture of a Cobra Viper (based on the rereleased one with the B.A.T. legs) and I put up a section featuring the G.I.JOE sprite edits from my MugenBoss site.
I'm in the process of making pages for each picture instead of the having the art pop up separately when you click a thumbnail or link. Some of them even have extra versions of the picture. In the case of the Ms. Marvel pic, you even get to see some of the reference that I used for it.
4/1/04: Happy April Fool's Day! The new section for my character, Nutroll, has now been uploaded. You may remember seeing him on this page a few months back, but he now has his own area! Not much content yet, but that will change over the next few weeks. I'd say that he's an appropriate character to for April Fools's Day. Just click the little crazy-looking head on the side of this entry to get an early look at this character of mine.
3/10/04: So here's the new version of the main page. Whoopidy-doo!. There's a ton of catch-up work to do, but it'll have to take a bit of a backseat to artwork and real-life work. I'm going to slowly make this place look better and be a much more fun place to visit.

New Stuff: I added a few sketches to the doodle page, including one that I did last night featuring Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

My other crappy sites! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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