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My other crappy sites! Wheeeeeeeeee!

3/9/04: No, the main site's not dead... just taking a bit of a nap. Now that I've got the game sites slightly back to life and got the ideas for them out of my system, it's time to return to this place to fix it up. The only new additions (cool it now) are on the doodle page. Actually, I've got quite a few of those lil random doodle pages that I forgot to scan. I'll try to do that soon. There's going to be a lot of additions and changes in the next few months, so keep checking back every once in awhile. There'll be new artwork, old artwork, and some rather crazy stuff to boot. Oh, and I've got zillions of links to add. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you later.

12/21/03: Sorry for taking so long in updating the site, but I've been rather busy of late. If you checked out my Blog, you know why. If not, go look at that so I can be lazy and not have to type out all that again! I've only updated the site a little bit. Both new pictures can be seen in the G.I.Joe section of the site. I also have to make a new photo page for the Mid-Ohio-Con 2003 pics as well. Keep your eyes open, because there's going to be a lot of new stuff popping up in here soon, including many more doodle pages!

9/22/03: Depending on where you know me from, you may or may not know that, right after breaking my artist's block or artist's lull, I had an accident with my right hand (the one that I draw with) while moving furniture. See, that's the screwed up luck that I've told many of you about. That was about a week and a half ago and it's feeling much better. At that time, I was working on turning this site into a frames site, to make it more adaptable to change. Now that I can type without being in a lot of pain, I'm back to work on that. I might have an early version of it ready this weekend, then slowly improve upon it behind the scenes. At the very least, you'll see some sketches and a new custom figure. Until then...

8/2/03: Okay, another update. I've added new artwork to the Heroes and G.I.JOE pages, a new link to the artists section and a new G.I.JOE section will have it's public debut here. By adding all of this stuff that wasn't in the original game-plan, I need to make some major navigation changes... grrrrr...

6/27/03: Phew... now that I've spent the past few weeks updating ScrollBoss, it's time to do a lil' somethin' for this site. It's not much, but something's better than nothing. you can find 3 new B & W pics: Iron Man and Black Widow in the Heroes section while the Silver Age version of Star Sapphire invades the villains section. Don't the gallery page layouts look boring? Don't worry... I plan to change all that soon. Plus, I added two great art links: Rion Vernon's pin-ups and Rachael Huntington.

5/10/03: Check it out, party people... I've finally got a page set up for the Pittsburgh Comicon convention pics that I took. I'd like to thank Jay (a.k.a. Edgefind), his wife and son for allowing me to tag along on the trip and much thanks to Greg Bartholemew from All American Comics free ticket. to get in. Also, much thanks to Athanacia and I apologize in advance for any times I mispelled your name :) Okay, there should be more new stuff next week, so stay tuned for further funk and merriment.

5/4/03: The convention was GREAT. Expect to see pics of that and, eventually, the other conventions that I've been to. Biggest thrills were meeting Erin Gray (the beautiful actress that played Col. Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers TV show) and Ken Foree (you may know him from the Keenan and Kel show as Keenan's dad, but horror fans know him as the brotha with the cool voice from "Dawn of the Dead") The only new things are the updated Links page and a new custom figure profile.

4/26/03: Fixin' a lil' bit of stuff before I hit the convention. Also, I want to put this character back up before I go. A few of you may recognize Nutroll from the old site. You'll be seeing a lot of this guy here in the next few updates. He's one of my characters and will be the main character of some stories I have. Stay tuned...

4/23/03: Just added some more recent artwork into the Heroes area... 2 pencil pics and one CGed pic. I finally went back and added a cheap background to the Ms. Marvel pic so I could finally show it. The two pencil pics was done in the past few weeks and signify the fact that I'm pretty much out of that serious artist's block I've been in for months. Huzzah! Maybe it was the fact that I drew Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Storm (in her classic outfit), who are two of my favorite characters. There's still a lot more art that isn't in here yet and will prove that I was actually trying to draw stuff last year... just not very well. Oh well, more stuff to come, kizzos!

4/22/03: This site is so under construction that it hurts. But, at the very least, I've got to get a version of this new site up before the possible convention trip on Friday. That means that there probably won't be an update to ScrollBoss this weekend. Prime Art, as of now, is no more (not that it was being updated anyway). In fact, this site won't be named "Prime Op's Central" for much longer. What'll the new name be? I won't tell, but I'm sure that I've accidentally left it on some page in here before removing it. Nevertheless, it'll all make sense in a lil' while.

Right now, I've got the artwork and some of the custom figures up. I've still got to put together the areas for the characters that I created. In other words, those that know who Nutroll is will soon have a place to peep on the regular. For those who don't know who Nutroll is, well, keep checking back. You'll be glad that you did. Anyway, stroll around the site and please forgive the broken links and stuff that's under construction.