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Dr. Sakimoto

Real Name: Tamara Sakimoto

Place of Origin: ?????

Height: 5"6

Weight: A lady doesn't tell

Occupation: doctor/reasearcher at I.C.I.

Team Affiliation: none

First Appearance: Nutroll Preview 1

Dr. Sakimoto has was hired by the Inborn Correctional Institute for the 'Nutroll project' team. Their purpose is to study exactly what Nutroll is. Out of all the other team members, she seems to have made the most headway into how Nutroll's mind works. Many credit her previous work with troubled children with being able to connect with Nutroll, who seems very childlike in nature. Besides that, her previous work made it necessary for her to know about cartoons and toys, she's able to decipher more of his methods and mannerisms.

While most of the other team members seem to be pre-occupied with how this study will boost their careers, Tamara is actually concerned with Nutroll's well-being. Despite I.C.I.'s track record of containing some of the most superpowerful villains in the world, she's heard the rumors of false imprisonment and prisoners disappering. She has made it her business to make sure that no such thing happens to Nutroll.

Nutroll, Dr. Tamara Sakimoto, Mandy Kin, Inborn Correctional Institute & all other Nutroll related characters © 2004 James Beaver. Used with permission, duh.