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Carlton Kinney

Real Name: Carlton Kinney

Place of Origin: ?????

Height: 6"4

Weight: 250

Occupation: head correctional officer in I.C.I.'s G-building

Team Affiliation: none

First Appearance: Nutroll Preview 1

A few years before Kinney was hired, there was a major incident at the Inborn Correctional Institute where a super-powered villain (who has yet to be indentified) released all of the inmates and started an incredibly violent riot. After that debacle, the new administration restructured the I.C.I. to be a self-contained defense unit of it's own as well as a prison. The I.C.I. is broken up into several areas that specifically focus on the powers and strength levels of it's inmates. Kinney's background is still classified, but it is suspected that his unnatural size and strength are due to being an inborn himself. In fact, it's heavily rumored that he was either a vigilante or criminal, but nothing has been proven yet. Because of his secondary power that shields him from most psi-based attacks, he was made leader of the guards in the infamous G-building, where I.C.I. stores it's psi-based threats. This building is controlled through fear and intimidation in an effort to keep the will of it's inmates broken. Kinney has been known to single-handedly beat 'unruly guests' to a bloody pulp in full view of the other prisoners. He considers it a friendly reminder of disobedience will not be tolerated.
Unfortunatel for Kinney, there has been one inmate that cannot be controlled through normal means. Of course, that's Nutroll. With Nutroll's mindest, he can't be intimidated and his powers prevent him from being injured. Those two facts irritate Kinney to no end. According to the Nutroll Protocols (a set of guidlines that dictate what is to take place during any Nutroll escape attempt) clearly state that his escapes are not to be resisted unless it runs the risk of freeing other prisoners, Kinney almost always ignores those orders and faces Nutroll in combat. Of course, Kinney always makes sure that these battles never take place in front of the other prisoners just to make sure that they don't think that they also have a chance to defeat him.

Cartlon Kinney, Nutroll, Dr. Tamara Sakimoto, Mandy Kin, Inborn Correctional Institute & all other Nutroll related characters © 2004 James Beaver. Used with permission, duh.