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These are the old updates from before. While I was unsure about why anyone would keep an update log, I must admit, it's slightly entertaining to go back and see exactly how much that I've failed (in both the creation of this site and in life itself).

9/29/04: Once again, I am busy with the artwork. I'm currently coloring the paid assignment that I mentioned in the 9/15/04 entry. There's quite a few things that are almost ready, but not quite ready enough. The only addition today are the start screen animations of Michelle Heart and Kevin Walker from Ares No Tsubaya (the japanese version of Legendary Wings). I may do an update this weekend to add all the stuff I would've finished if I weren't busy. Sorray.

9/22/04: Still busy with some artwork, but I took time out to get stuff ready for the site. Once again, I've added more sprites. First of all, the Magic Sword section gets a nice update which includes lots of "assistant character" sprites. Also, the Comic Book sprite area finally has sprites from the classic Taito arcade game for Superman. In my entire lifetime, I must've spent over $50 on that game in quarters and tokens! The highlight of this update are the unused sprites from the game that feature a mysterious and unique 2nd player instead of the "Shazam-like" palette swap of Superman.

9/15/04: I'm currently working on a paid art assignment, so I couldn't cook up anything new for the site this time. However, Kiwi has provided even more buttock-kicking sprites to post on the Kiwi Deorum's sprite page. Meanwhile, MugenBoss may be gone for now, but you can now find a few of my old Comic Book based sprite edits on ScrollBoss now. And remember: unauthorized hotlinkers) will be shot in the face. Tee-Hee! :|

9/6/04: Spent the weekend shuffling files and scaling back the navigation on some of the pages, then noticed that many of the sprite pages had been messed up as a result. Fixed those too. I also added a page of Kiwi Deorum's sprites including the best Radd Spencer sprite EVER.

9/1/04: Another Wednesday, another update. The first of the two new reviews Spider-Man and the X-Men is really an old review that needed to be converted to the new format. If you've seen me talk about it anywhere else on the site, then you pretty much know what my opinion is of it already. The second is a brand-new review for Battletoads. Speaking of Battletoads, it now has it's own tips page as well as a few other games that I can't remember at the moment. The Game Genie page there has also been updated and I'll try to throw in a few new codes on every update. Finally, there's new fan art: the Dark Queen from Battletoads! Hmm, this is a pretty BT-filled update, seeing as how I never had any material about it before. Oh well.

On a slightly less jolly note, I'm having some money woes right now and I have to trim my Tripod account down so that I be in a cheaper pay package. While that means that MugenBoss will be stripped down to just tutorials and links (yes, no sprite edits), the only thing that will be disabled here is the music remix section that most people didn't even realize existed. So, you won't be missing much. Still, I may have to get rid of some things shortly.

8/25/04: Arghh! Flying Omelette, owner of the fantastic fun-time site where Mewkies are all time and Pero roams free to frolic and fight evil, has given ScrollBoss the 'Golden Ridley' award! I put it with the OPCFG Award on this page because they help class up this joint. Hmmm... it would suck if I had a measly, poot-butt update at the same time that I got this award. Luckily for me, Some of those things that I've been cookin' up are ready for your viewing pleasure. First of all, check out the Artwork section to witness my new sad efforts at fan art, including Rick Taylor (from Splatterhouse). I've also started a Game Genie page in the Secret Weapons zone , the tips section that I've neglected for a long time. In addition, I've finally started a credits page to thank all the people who have helped the site over the years. Meanwhile, strange things are lurking behind the scenes. The new version of the S-Files and the return of Saga, which shines the spotlight on different game series, are being worked on now. The problem is that each one depends on other parts of the site being done and you'll see what I mean once I get it all together. I hope you enjoy this update and thanks to Flying Omelette for the award and thanks to everyone who contributed anything to this site and come to the boards.

8/18/04: Guess what? It's another 'unadvertised update' since I haven't done much new ScrollBoss stuff that I can show yet. A new version of the S-files is in 'tweak mode' right now. What, you want a sneak peek? Okay, here you go. There'll be quite a few more things added to this template including character attributes (power levels) and stuff.
By the way, there's a new Captain Commando Yahoo Group for fans of the game and such. Check it out right here:

Captain Commando 1991 Yahoo Group. Show the Commando Team that you appreciate them saving the planet and stuff. It's the least you could do, you ingrates!

8/11/04: Not much new today other than a few more mini-banners in the Bannerama section and a crappy Punisher wallpaper . The mini-banners have passed the 60 landmark, so the goal of 100 (inspired by R-Type Final's ships) is almost in sight. Did some more 'behind-the-scenes' fixes to free up space on the site and to lay the foundation for some major changes that are on the way. Seriously. And any of you lames that are hotlinking sprites off of this site or MugenBoss to use as avatars or sigs, well, this would be an excellent time to save those sprites to your HD and get a PhotoBucket account... muhuhahahahahahahaha! So, yeah, do dat while ya can.

8/6/04: Just noticed how horrible the AvP wallpaper looks at other resolutions and added 1024x768 and 800x600 versions to the zip file. There's also a small addition to the Shinobi sprite page. Woof.

8/4/04: In honor of the upcoming (and long-awaited) Alien vs Predator movie, I thought it was about time that I added some stuff to the site related to the incredible and beloved arcade version by the wizards at Capcom. While I'm sure you expected that I'd add a page of sprites for that game, what you weren't expecting was the new wallpaper that I've added as well. BTW: The Spider-Man poll at the side of the page has been modified because the two people who voted for "other" didn't say what the other game was. I should've said "please specify other" or something. Sigh. Finally, the FAQ section has been slightly updated. Yawn.

7/28/04: No real update again, just a few behind-the-scenes fixes. I turned my attention to the Minus World area and a few of those have been worked on. Some typos that I caught were fixed, files were moved and the pages fixed accordingly, and some (especially the 2nd one) have new screenshots and sprites. Thanks to Daniel who sent more screencaps for that area too! I have no idea when this site will see a true update, but I will say that one of the Minus World featuress that I never released is almost ready and a second is about 50%. Eh, there'll be new stuff eventually. My apologies for the lack of new stuff. I'd have added new sprites, but you see where THAT gets me these days :p

7/21/04: I had to remove and replace a portrait that was being linked to as a sig. Stealing bandwidth is for lamers and the people who steal big from me get their avatar or sig replaced with a ScrollBoss banner. If you have the need to have an avatar or sig hosted, go here: I know money's tight and everyone can't afford the five bucks that it takes to pay a site their own hotlinking, but when you hotlink from here, you're stealing MY bandwidth that I've got to work to pay for. Bandwidth is going to become a big issue when certain ScrollBoss projects are finished, but those projects won't be able to happen if I keep getting my bandwidth stolen.

7/14/04: I'm slightly late here. Putting this together at about 2 AM Eastern Standard time. Anyway, there are two new sprite pages in the Sprites/Animation area: Bad Dudes and Video Game Sprite Edits. Sorry for not getting this done earlier and not having my usual verve and pep this week. I'm freakin' tired ovah here.

7/7/04: Another very puny update as I work on my other sites. Most of the update is more 'behind the scenes' than anything You'll see the results of that in the next update in the sprites area. I added some Sub-Mariner sprites to the Captain America and the Avengers sprite page and a couple new banners. To wrap things up, I've added a Spider-Man poll to the bottom of this page where you can vote for your favorite side-scrolling game that features Spider-Man as a playable character. Be sure to check out "MugenBoss this weekend for a preview of the Bad Dudes sprite edits that will be here next week. Then, my main site will be updated with some never-before-seen artwork too.

6/30/04: What? I actually made updates for 4 weeks in a row? Booyeah! In honor of the film Spider Man 2 and Free Comic Book day, I've added two new sprite pages: Spider-Man (I'm kicking it off with the sprites from the Sega arcade game!) and Captain America and the Avengers! There'll be more comic book related goodness to come to continue the celebration. Stay tuned...

6/23/04: The trend of barely-there updates continues. Besides adding another mini-review to the comic book games area, there's a brand new wallpaper featuring the heroes of Konami's 'Mystic Warriors' game.

Expect a nice lil' sprite update in a week or two to prepare for the new S-Files format. There'll be a few new sprite edits too. Not too many though. You can thank all the hotlinkers for that :)

6/16/04: Another light update since I've got a lot of work to do for my other two sites. I added a few more reviews to the Comic Book video game review page. For the first time ever two Atari 2600 games make the list!

6/9/04: Very small update here, since I'm working my tail off on my main site for the weekend's gi-normous update. In the "Suggested Beatings" review section, there's a new page with mini-reviews on 6 comic-based games. I've got to hurry and do this before the thunderstorm kicks in! Motherpusbucket!

5/30/04: I fixed the links in the Final Fight sprites section. While I was there, I decided to add Cody and Jessica's cameo in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter to the 'other games' section of the Final Fight sprites. Also, as you see on the entry splash page, I'm now part of the great Beatemup Web Ring of sites. Thanks for letting me in!

5/29/04: This update sees 2 new reviews: Captain Commando for the SNES and Gain Ground for the Genesis. I added a few sprites to the Captain Commando and Final Fight areas, too. In fact, Final Fight 1, 2 and 3 now have their own separate pages. Also, Stefani Rolento sent me pics of the updated version of her Rolento 12-inch custom figure and I think they're very impressive. So check 'em out!

5/15/04: Yes, Scrollboss has updated once again. And once again, the big May update has been hampered by R.L. drama bullcrap. Sigh. What will probably suprise you is that the update is very low on sprites. Yes, really. I think the only place getting new sprites is the Final Fight area and that's it. I've got enough people hotlinking from this site without permission anyway, heh. This update actually has some real content for a change. First of all, the Suggested Beatings section is full of updated (like Castlevania:SOTN) and new reviews including the popular "Beats of Rage" game by Senile and "Bad Dudes" for the NES by Data East. On my art page, there's new artwork featuring Shinobi and Snake Eyes (from G.I.JOE). I even put together a few more of those crazy mini-banners. The biggest new item here is easily the first new Minus World feature since the site moved to Tripod. Yeah, that's a long time. Check it out here. I'll update again in a week add all the stuff that wasn't ready for this update. Besides, it's E3 time! You should be geeking out to pics of Zelda: Wind Walker 2 and those MGS3 vids. What the heck is wrong with you?

4/3/04: Yes, again with the 'forgetting to update' jazz. Sorry, people. I've been working on a lot of drawn artwork, sprite requests (which I officially no longer do, so please don't ask) and working on my main site, specifically one of my own characters. Once again, I'm getting ready for the Pittsburgh ComicCon by trying to produce some artwork. I'm going to try doing at least one funky-fresh picture that will also look good on ScrollBoss. So you'll have that to look forward to when the site gets updated again in early May. If I see any game-related stuff at the convention (if I go, that is), I will try to get pictures and whatever info that I can. Then again, you never know when I'm going to be sneaky and start putting unannounced stuff in here again, too. Muhuhahahahahahahaaaaaa! Anyway, take care, party people.

2/25/04: Yes yes, y'all. Back with the usual kind of update: a bunch of sprites. Oy. However, one of these sprites is special. Sprite artist Kiwi Deorum has kindly donated an amazing sprite of Radd Spencer, hero of Bionic Commando, that will knock your socks off. If you aren't wearing socks, it will rip the skin from your feet. Do yourself a favor: get some socks. Plus, almost every thug from Final Fight has been added as well as the Sodom and Abigail. The Superhero sprite section now has animated entries from Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems. I also added more to the Kid Icarus section.

2/18/04: You're probably shocked that I'm updating so soon. Well, I am too. Due to time constraints, I couldn't do all the funky fresh things that I wanted to by Wednesday. So, I decided to finish some of those things and give a mini-update to the site. First of all, I finally started to make this main menu page look better. It's been gradually changing for a long time, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. The biggest new addition is the Screenshot of the Moment, which is what I was playing around the time that I make the update. Mighty Final Fight is a pretty fun game and it's funny how Belgar's return in this SD game is more plausable than, say, returning as a zombie? I also want to give a special shout-out to Daniel for sending in a few screenshots of oil drums for a specific Minus World feature. Sorry about forgetting to add them last week. Also, there are some minor additions to the Bannerama page. Next update, expect a lot of sprites and more banners.

2/11/04: This update is lighter than I planned, but hey: real life beckons. As always, there's a few new sprites, including a small sprinkling of sprites from Strider, plus some Double Dragon and Final Fight sprites.
Crazy story: Made some buttons for someone a while ago and included a 88x31 one. Never really liked 'em until then. So I made a template where I crammed the site symbol (the big S), the site name (that's ScrollBoss, silly) and a sprite. I figured that I'd make a few and that'd be that. But it wasn't. I made a lot. So far, I've made over 40 of them... and I did so without using 4 of the most recognizable characters in video games. They're in the new bannerama area. Check it out and see if there's one of your favorite character yet.

To get there, click on one of this one:

1/28/04: *presses START to unpause*
Yes, ScrollBoss is back on, for better or for worse. Even though I took the time off to work on my other sites, I've been cooking up a few more things for this place as well. All of them aren't ready yet, but I'm starting off with the small stuff right now. The long-overdue Wallpaper area is up. I've also come up with a new and snazzier design for the reviews in the Suggested Beatings and I'm in the process of converting the old reviews to the new format. This involves trying to get interesting screenshots, so it may take a little while. Of course, there are a few new sprites and animations. To be honest, I've changed quite a few things over the past few months before uploading this, so I don't remember where they are. Bah. Who really cares anyway? During this year, I hope to eventually bring back all of the areas that were shut down and restart many of the things that never quite got off the ground. Then again, the ideas that I have for them are much better now, so it's good that I didn't bother doing them earlier. Anyway, don't expect an update every week, but keep checking back anyway, because you NEVER know what you might see here.

By the way: if there's a section that you don't see on the page-top navigation for this site, go to the Options Menu. The Options menu links to them now.

Go here for past update. If you're that bored, may Grodd have mercy on your soul.

8/16/03: It's been quite a while, so I've added a pretty sizable sprite update for you. First of all, I have some new Final Fight sprite edits: retouched Poison and Roxy sprites edits as well as a new Two.P laughing animation. I've gotten a lot of positve reviews on them and I hop that you like them too! I've spent quite a bit of time this weekend bumbling through Capcom World 2 to get those character portraits. You'll find them on the Final Fight, Strider, Captain Commando and new "Magic Sword/Black Tiger" sprite page. I have no idea how many characters are in this thing, so I may explore a bit more. I'd be shocked if Damnd and Ton Pooh weren't in it.

I'm not sure how long it's going to be, but I'm going to have to put this site on pause for a short while just like MugenBoss is right now. While I'm still working on quite a bit of new items for this site, I really need to work on the new version of my main hub site as well as get ready to move... again. It's going to take a lot of work to do and I need all the time that I can get. When I come back, it'll be with a lot of new stuff and I might have the stuff ready to start the new VS Mode battle. You can keep up-to-date with what's going on with the site by visiting the Scrollboss Message Boards. You'll see some of the new items pop up there as I finish them. Later, people!

7/25/03: While it's been over a month since I've officially updated here, I've covertly added and fixed things here and there. But today brings a small update. Go to the sprites area to see a few new sprites for Golden Axe, Captain Commando, and quite a few new Shinobi series sprites, including some from the original Shinobi. Plus, a great new sprite edit donation by Kiwi Deorum. Who of? Go to the Final Fight sprites area to find out! Meanwhile, Stay tuned for next week when you'll see some new artwork, including Jo Musashi, the original Shinobi!

6/16/03: Thanks to Dire 51 over at the OPCFG for bestowing the OPCFG award upon this lowly, humble site! No, I can't believe it either... but it happened here. It's a great honor that come from a great site and helps to make up for all the heck that I went through last year. To celebrate, I've added a few more sprites and a page with a few Castlevania sprites... a page that I actually forgot to link to. So, it's old to me, but new to you. I added a sprite there just for good measure. Enjoy!

6/15/03: One last item for one last update for the weekend: Rolento custom JvC figure. That's all for this weekend. Now to work on my other neglected sites.

6/14/03: Added quite a few more sprites to the Final Fight sprite page (including the first guest sprite-edit ever by the fantastic Kiwi Deorum), a few new sprites for the sprite page and new Kid Icarus and Strider pages (not much on the Strider page... but that'll change)

6/13/03: Small update: Rolling Thunder sprite section open, there's a link to a new Final Fight site for wrestling video game fans in the Warp Zone and the Bad Girls VS Mode sprites now have a background. Sorry that it isn't more, but I've gotta work tonight. Some stuff that I've made today will show up tomorrow... including a lot of sprites...

6/12/03: I could've spent my birthday being lazy. Instead, I've got a nice update started for you that starts tonight and will continue throughout the weekend! First of all, the VS Mode archives are now up. Go to there and check out the Superninjas page to play catch up and download the Guy Icon Set. Plus, check out the Bad Girls VS Mode preview for the contestants (including 2 new ones). Also, check out my artpage for a brand-new picture of Two.P, my favorite side-scrolling drone character.

There will be a lot more added to the site Friday, Saturday and Sunday so come back each day to see what's new... or just be lazy and come back Sunday. Either way's cool with me. There will also be a NEW CUSTOM FIGURE so be on the lookout for that, too.

5/31/03: A lot of things popped up that have prevented me from updating the site today. I couldn't find new batteries until an hour right before I posted this, but I will have those ready for the next update. I found some more of my game related figures, so there'll be more goodness on that front. But, since I feel so bad about not having an update ready and you still bothered to come here... here's a little preview of a project that I've started... Hey, how about some news? For those who haven't heard, Atlus plans to bring Double Dragon and River City Ransom to the Game Boy Advance and to the U.S. The games will have lots of new features. Go to Atlus' Home Page and learn more for yourself.

5/10/03: Okay, I've been back from the convention and got my new main site rolling. I planned on doing another update sooner than this, but didn't, because there was very little new content. Now, I've got some nice new stuff to show off. I've got one new sprite and it's a big one (in more ways than one). In fact, it's one that I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm quite proud of it. Even better, it's mostly from scratch (a bit of the face is from a Capcom sprite to keep the style going). It's pretty tall (perhaps too tall) and it's in the Final Fight sprite area. Go see it! Speaking of sprites, the main sprite page now tells the last time that the game specific pages have been updated.

4/19/03: Not much new here, except for some sprites. New to the sprites area is the Captain Commando page, proving once again that I'm a Capcom mark. To balance it out, there are some KOF2000 Athena sprites, so kiss my grits. If you go to the forum, you can check out some artwork in progress in the Artwork area. Things will pick back up after the Pittsburgh ComicCon that I'm gearing up for. In fact, once I get a few plans together, there are going to be a few very cool announcements!

4/5/03: Just a few changes here and there, including this very page. It'll continue to morph and change as I decide how to make it look half-way decent. I added an area that has the old update messages and put up the obligatory F.A.Q. (Frenquently Asked Questions) page. ToyBoss will definitely be updated next time, as I'm working on some finishing touches to some stuff.

3/29/03: Too tired. Updated ToyBoss and added the mighty, mighy Sgt. Savage (G.I.JOE related site and forum) to links page. Check them out!

3/22/03: Just a few lil' new tidbits here and there. First, I started a page for X-Men game animations. I got a new Animal Crossing texture. Finally, I revamped the review for Spider-Man and the X-Men. Not much of an update, but an update nonetheless!

3/15/03: Man, I've been wanting to do this update for quite a while. I've been busy as heck lately, but I've managed to get some new stuff up in here. First of all, we've got 2 new sections! First up is ToyBoss where adventure (and perhaps some non-adventure) action figures are reviewed and custom figures are displayed. Right now, there are two reviews and two customs (including one by guest-star Stefani Rolento!). Secondly we've got a small lil' area born from my enjoyment of a fun, crazy lil' game. Peep that out here. Finally, there's new sprites scattered in the Sprites and Animation area. Many of them are in the Rushing Beat Saga area, so fans of the series might like that area. There'll be more new stuff coming up more often, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

1/8/03: Small Update: Finally put something up on the Communications page. Just a blurb to check out the forum. In the future, it'll alert you to all running polls and interesting discussions. BTW: if you want to keep what sanity you have, be sure to avoid the flaming area. Even I don't understand it. But all other areas doth retain their coolness. Oh, small updates on the main sprite page (including an interesting Altered Beast animation) and I added one measly sprite to the Double Dragon sprite area. There are now TWO ToyBoss projects in the works. Both are 3 3/4 inch Joes and you probably won't be suprised when you discover who they are. Expect preview pics to accompany the debut of the ToyBoss area. Okay, smell ya later.

1/1/03: Happy New Year and all that razmatazz! Not much of an update this time except for some minor stuff on my artpage. Work continues on the Saga architecture and I'm getting the ToyBoss material together right now. ToyBoss will probably be ready by the next update, after I do some paint touch-ups on my old Radd Spencer custom fig. Plus, there'll be at least one special guest-star custom fig. So, you know, look out for that:)

12/15/02: Welcome Flying Omlette's Kitchen, Sweetbee's Game Hive to the growing Warp Zone/Links section! Check both of them out. In the Dream Sequels area, take a look at a new link there that leads to the amazing "Ghasts n Ghouls" site. Last, but not least, I've added Rushing Beat Syura/Peace Keepers sprites to the Rushing Beat Sprites area, including the Japanese small portraits and Douglas "Slash" Bild! Brawl Bretheren unite!

11/30/2002:New sprites in the sprite section. I've also got a few Minus World features almost ready, but they're not quite done yet. The "Saga" area (which I incorrectly stated was ready last time) isn't up yet, but it'll take some time for me to make a satisfactory design, considering that it will link to everything on this site that contains a mention of a certain game, plus provide links and so-such. This update was supposed to have been uploaded last week, but I was distracted by some family trouble. I'll try to keep the updates coming faster.

10/31/2002: The resurrection is at hand! Go forth and find both the oldness and the newness! I've tried to add something new to every old feature and wherever it looks like there isn't something new, I've changed something or modified it somehow.

Special Note: you may notice that the frozen-in-time version of ScrollBoss is stuck on the June update. ScrollBoss wasn't updated until October 31, 2002 when I moved it to my Tripod account.

May 27th, 2002: I'm not sure if it's possible to catch "Space Madness" while stuck in the house, but if it is, I'm getting it. I'm p@#$ed off to an incalcuable degree and it's only getting worse. Used some of my anger to get the Versus Mode pic finished. I fixed some other stuff here and there. I'm too ticked off to even bother trying to remember... nothing major. Versus Mode down to 2 contestants, so get your vote on... it's the final match that will end on my birthday, June 12th. Oddly enough, my birthday falls on a Wednesday, one of my usual update days. Whooptie-sh##. Dig it!!!

May 15, 2002: Due to unforseen, crappy events, ScrollBoss "Mayday" lands with a thud and not the earth-shattering Ka-Boom as intended. But at least the new navigation is slowly being added to all pages, as well as the start of the new Dream Sequels feature. After this initial hit, there will be more updated material slowly added for extra funk flavor. My bad...

May 9, 2002: Something VERY interesting has taken place in Versus Mode. I've dealt with it in a very creative way. Give it a look see. Currently working on a slightly modified navigation system. It's kinda cute. You'll see that on Mayday. The artwork section will be revamped as well. I'm putting a lot of work into this... I hope you guys and gals like it. All hell will break loose.

May 6, 2002: Previews of some of the new ScrollBoss stuff are ready to show off. Next week, a new feature will be available, but not fully ready. Slowly, you'll see new artwork replacing much of the S-Files pics as well as new S-Files. If I can figure out how to make it look right, there'll be a revamping of the Versus Mode layout (with an announcement concerning the current contest). ScrollBoss's "Mayday" goes down May 16th. All hell will break loose.

April 24, 2002: Okay, here's the deal... not only do I have to get ready for this convention, but I've also got to deal with jury duty. Although I haven't had to actually serve, when they call us in, I've got to go to sleep early instead of workin' on things 'til 6 in the morning. So when you see this big update, it will be known as "Mayday". Not the real May day, but this will be May 15th. By then, I should have almost everything I need to do what I want to do. That's all I'm going to say about it. Like I said before, pop on into the Forum until Mayday to keep updated and to let me know what you want to see. Keep voting in the Versus Mode... because that fight's about to end really fast...

April 14, 2002: Took a long time, but here's a slight update. Finally updated the Versus Mode. That's about it for now. I've got to get a lot of artwork all the way for various sources and reasons. When I return, so will the ToyBoss reference with action figure pics, both store bought AND custom (including the return of my Radd Spencer fig). Until further notice, ScrollBoss is on pause until "May day." But check out the forum, because I'll be constantly in there. You might even see some previews of the new stuff. Anyway, stay cool, group!

March 24, 2002: Well, believe it or not, the ScrollBoss hit counter finally topped 1000! Last week, the site got 94 hits... scary. I'd like to thank everyone who ever decided to step foot into this pathetic site, everyone who ever let me work on stuff on their computer until I got my own and to all the companies that made all the games we like talking about.

In honor of the 1000 hits, I want to add lots of new stuff. Finally fixed the Music Test in the Options Menu. Not only that but I've added my Golden Axe theme remix as well. Also, there are new tips and other things hiding around here. I also got rid of the individual pics that lead to the different sections to make the page load faster. March 10/17, 2002: Another ninja bites the dust in VS MODE. Things are getting really interesting there. The EZboard forum is up and running. All Side Scroller fans, Mugen Dev refugees (man, that's a story unto itself) and lovers of sprite edits should check it out.

March 7, 2002: The forum has been revamped and is funky-fresher than ever! There are actually people in it now, man. Check it out!

Feb 20, 2002: Man, you guys love some VS mode, don't you?!?!? As I type this, about 90 people have already voted and now another character bites the dust. Wanna know who? click that big VS logo button to find out! Also, I fixed the menu in the Suggested Beatings where some of the links didn't go to the game reviews. My bad, heh heh...

At a later date, I might add the wacky old "Newness" update logs from the old days. I'd just add them now, but it'd be hell to change all the image links and names that they had. Of course, I could just take the new image parts out... hmmm...

DISCLAIMER: All characters are copyrighted to the characters who own them, such as Capcom, Sega, Konami, Technos, Jaleco, Nintendo, and many others. This is just a fan site. I'm keepin' YOUR characters alive, man. YOU should be payin' ME...I want to refresh in people's minds why they love games in the first place. Put out more old school compilations. For those who have, much thanks. ScrollBoss is copyrighted 2000 by James Beaver. Don't start none, won't be none...